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Is 10 Units of Botox Per Side Too Much for Crows Feet?

I am in my early thirties and I do not get regular botox. I don't have any lines around my eyes at all unless I smile. The first time I got botox... READ MORE

How Much Botox Would It Take to Dramatically Lift Brows?

Picture on the left are my current brows. picture on the right is how i would like my brows to look. doctor injected me with 25 IU'S of DYSPORT and it... READ MORE

How do you calculate how many botox units needed to inject the glabella and crow's feet area?

Is it stronger units in a botox bottle of 150U? How do you calculate how many units you can inject the area of glabella and crow's feet. READ MORE

Just had 50 units of botox on forehead. Is this too much? (Photo)

Hi all, just had botox today and doctor insisted i get 50 units on forehead.Ive had 3x botox treaents in the past.I told her my other doctors just... READ MORE

Botox Help Droopy Eyelids?

I am 42 years old and have noticed a slight droopiness of my left eyelid. I have never had Botox before and was wondering if it could lift my eyelid.... READ MORE

Botox Resistance After 6 Treatments?

I've had botox to crows feet approx 5 - 6 times with no treatments lasting much beyond 2 months, approx 20 units each time. First results were great,... READ MORE

Is 30 Units of Botox for Crows Feet Too Much at the Age of 24?

I am a 24 year-old male. I am getting botox for crows feet next week. My crows feet are really small. My surgeon said I will need 30 units. I didn't... READ MORE

Extra Botox Extending Length of Results?

I recently relocated from Scottsdale AZ to Las Vegas and I was disappointed to learn that they regulate the sale and distribution of botox differently... READ MORE

Did I Get Enough Botox?

I only had eight "sticks" between the forehead and the eyebrows. After reading the articles hear, it doesn't sound like I had nearly... READ MORE

How many units of Botox are needed for a typical Botox brow lift? (Photo)

I think I have brow ptosis and also hooded eyelids. My brows are asymmetrical making my eyes look very asymmetrical as well. I am only 18, so surgery... READ MORE

How many units of Botox will I need for jaw reduction? It's my first ever Botox so I want to go slowly (Photo)

I have a base shaped face which seems to be getting worse, so I'm contemplating jaw reduction. How much Botox will I need to get subtle but sufficient... READ MORE

Increase Botox for Better Result?

I've been having Botox injections around my eyes and a little in my forehead for several years. Generally, I find the results to be unimpressive. Does... READ MORE

Confused About Units of Botox Received Previously Vs. New Recommendation, Am I Missing Something?

4/11 in Texas I got "10 units Botox in 1 syringe, 7 for forehead/glabella, 3 for frown lines at $25 a unit=$250, dilution ratio 4:1. Saw results... READ MORE

What's the Office Etiquette to Make Sure I'm Receiving the Botox Amount I Paid For?

I understand that the dilutions vary, but if I'm paying by the unit, how do I make sure I'm not getting ripped off without offending the... READ MORE

How much under eye filler do I need? (Photo)

I am 41. I have got Botox now. When I look at the mirror I notice my eye through and loss of density under my eye. Shall I wait to fill them a bit... READ MORE

How many units are typical for eyebrows lift, crows feet and forehead lines?

I went to a doctor today who recommended 64 and I agreed to it but now I think I might have been gullible. Is this number typical for a thorough Botox... READ MORE

Is 33 units of Botox enough? I'm two weeks post-procedure, and have very faint results (Photo)

2 wks ago today I had 33 units of Botox injected in my forehead. This was primarily for horizontal lines; I THINK I've seen some results but... READ MORE

Is 18 units enough for the forehead of a 21 year old? I'm worried I'm not going to get results.

I know that after 24 hours you don't see anything but that's very frustrating to have no change at all. I'm wondering if 18 units wasnt enough for me? READ MORE

Should I inject Botox for masseter? (Photo)

Hello doctor, I want to slim down my face, what treatment should I do? Can inject for botox? How many unit for each side that I need for the best... READ MORE

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