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Strange Scalp Muscle Sensation on Top of my Head Following Botox Injections in my Forehead.

I had Botox 3 days ago (about 32cc?) to provide forehead lift. I'm having the opposite: forehead droop in the area over my eyes giving me a tired... READ MORE

I Have a Tattoo on the Nape of my Neck, I Just Started Botox Treatment for my Migraines. Ink Is Being Pulled Out, Is This Normal

I have a tattoo on the nape of my neck, I just started botox treatment for my migraines and the ink is starting to pull out. Is that normal for botox?... READ MORE

At What Point Should I Stop Botox? Seems to Be Doing More Harm Than Good at This Point.

I use Botox to lift my brows. I have usually been satisfied with results. However, in July, I had a disastrous experience which resulted in a heavier... READ MORE

8.5 Months Ago Had Botox Around Eyes. Uneven and Pulling Down?

8 1/2 month ago I had botox injected around my eye and lower brow area. The doctor is a reputable doctor however ever since the procedure, he right... READ MORE

Botox pulling skin of eyelid, how can I fix this? (photo)

Had Botox 5 days ago - it's raised my eyebrows and now pulls the skin making my hooded eyes look worse! I have a habit of opening my eyes wide because... READ MORE

Botox - droopy eye & high outer brow? (Photos)

I had BOTOX 6days ago. day3 I developed droopy eyelid & what looks like pulling at outerbrow. I know the importance of a reputable plastic... READ MORE

7 days post Botox of my forehead (looks ok so far) I cannot seem to stop tightening my scalp which pulls it forward. Why?

22 units in forehead. My 5th tx in 3 yrs. I noticed after 4th treatment my tension headaches were gone! I mostly got this tx because they're back. My... READ MORE

Amazing result from Voluma & Botox in chin; I have a pulling sensation when lying down. Is that normal? (Photos)

I have my Doctors cell number if I have any questions- but he's away for Thanksgiving so I don't want to disturb him. I got half a syringe of Juvederm... READ MORE

What can be done to make my smile more even - Botox? (photos)

One side pulls more than the other. Would botox make my smile even? READ MORE

Why do I have this vertical skin pulling at my lateral brow and upper eye lid when attempting to frown after Botox? (photos)

I had Botox done 12 days ago to the glabella (18u), crows (10 u ea) and lateral brow (2 u ea). With my regular injector This is the second time I am... READ MORE

Where in New England can I go for facial synkinesis treatment (preferably NH)?

Looking for a highly recommended doctor in New England for facial synkinesis. I would like to try botox in my neck to relieve pulling/drooping and... READ MORE

Is there a treatment/injection for your face that can pull your cheek to the side towards your ear?

My face is assymetrical and I'm assuming it's from a muscle imbalance in my face. Is there an injection like Botox or something else that can pull one... READ MORE

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