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How much of a vial of Botox is used per procedure?

I have a clarification question, and I'd like some input from some doctors out there: Botox comes in 100 unit vials. Let's say that one procedure... READ MORE

What does Botox feel like in the forehead? Is there a constant discomfort?

I was told by a friend who got Botox in her forehead that she would never do it again as it felt like something was stuck to her forehead and wouldn't... READ MORE

Why did I pass out immediately after Botox and Voluma?

Hi! I recirved one syringe of Voluma to my cheeks and 15 units of Botox to my Glabella region. Injections were painless, didn't swell or anything. As... READ MORE

Does an antihistamine help or hurt botox injections?

Since Biotox is basically a toxin, how do antihistamines effect before and after? Also pseudophedrin, does it help or hinder the procedure? Thank you! READ MORE

How much younger can plastic surgery make you look like on average?

By plastic surgery i also include botox, other injections, various lasers etc.. and we assume that one does any and all of them if necessary. and most... READ MORE

Will botox relieve urinary retention?

I can not empty my bladder and am interested in botox to relax the urinary sphincter. Who would I see for this procedure? READ MORE

What to do to fix dent in middle of forehead and eyebrows? (Photos)

I appear to have a protruding brow bone, but the center of my forehead appears to lack tissue which casts a dent in most lighting. Could this be... READ MORE

Is it normal procedure to mix Botox with .9% alcohol water?

I was injected with BOTOX that was mixed with sterile water containing .9% alcohol. It stung very bad, and now I'm left with red marks all over my... READ MORE

Can Botox be administered without medical supervision?

Patients are receiving Botox injections in a local spa without a physician supervising or seeing the client or signing off on the procedure. Is this... READ MORE

My doctor wants to inject my parotid gland with 2500 units of Botox. Procedure?

Does that mean I will have to have several bottles injected or will it just be a very concentrated injection. I understand 1 bottle has 100 units READ MORE

I am wondering what procedure would be best to help me look more feminine? (Photo)

I am a female with very unique prominent features. When I was young I was teased for looking masculine and even though I do still have masculine... READ MORE

Can I have Botox injection and the resurFX laser done on my face at the same time?

Hello. I am considering have Botox injection to make my face more heart shaped and the resurFX laser to remove my acne scars. Can I have these two... READ MORE

How is everyone all of a sudden getting bigger/deeper-set eyes? (Photos)

I know it's not surgery. I'm thinking its some sort of injectable. I've heard of placing fuller behind the eyebrow and also a slight Botox eyelift.... READ MORE

Botox doesn't seem to work for me? (Photos)

I received Botox for the first time 3.5 wks ago. Was given 22 units between my eyebrows. After 2 weeks I had 90% mobility back in that area. Went back... READ MORE

Droopy areas on sides of mouth, what are my treatment options? (Photos)

I'm 46 and have lost 60 lbs over the last two years and the drooping areas next to my mouth are really bothering me. Can anyone tell me what... READ MORE

Can I have Botox for excessive tearing eyes? (Photos)

Hello, recently I had my tear ducts done in both eyes down first ... still tearing than December I had upper lid tear ducts done both eyes... yet I am... READ MORE

Price for botox/filler combo for deep vertical forehead lines? (Photo)

I am 42 years old and have deep vertical forehead wrinkles. In reading other posts it sounds like I would need a combination of botox and a filler? I... READ MORE

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