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Why did I pass out immediately after Botox and Voluma?

Hi! I recirved one syringe of Voluma to my cheeks and 15 units of Botox to my Glabella region. Injections were painless, didn't swell or anything. As... READ MORE

How much of a vial of Botox is used per procedure?

I have a clarification question, and I'd like some input from some doctors out there: Botox comes in 100 unit vials. Let's say that one procedure... READ MORE

Can Botox be administered without medical supervision?

Patients are receiving Botox injections in a local spa without a physician supervising or seeing the client or signing off on the procedure. Is this... READ MORE

Is it normal procedure to mix Botox with .9% alcohol water?

I was injected with BOTOX that was mixed with sterile water containing .9% alcohol. It stung very bad, and now I'm left with red marks all over my... READ MORE

I am wondering what procedure would be best to help me look more feminine? (Photo)

I am a female with very unique prominent features. When I was young I was teased for looking masculine and even though I do still have masculine... READ MORE

How is everyone all of a sudden getting bigger/deeper-set eyes? (Photos)

I know it's not surgery. I'm thinking its some sort of injectable. I've heard of placing fuller behind the eyebrow and also a slight Botox eyelift.... READ MORE

Botox doesn't seem to work for me? (Photos)

I received Botox for the first time 3.5 wks ago. Was given 22 units between my eyebrows. After 2 weeks I had 90% mobility back in that area. Went back... READ MORE

How much younger can plastic surgery make you look like on average?

By plastic surgery i also include botox, other injections, various lasers etc.. and we assume that one does any and all of them if necessary. and most... READ MORE

Will botox relieve urinary retention?

I can not empty my bladder and am interested in botox to relax the urinary sphincter. Who would I see for this procedure? READ MORE

Can I have Botox injection and the resurFX laser done on my face at the same time?

Hello. I am considering have Botox injection to make my face more heart shaped and the resurFX laser to remove my acne scars. Can I have these two... READ MORE

Dr. Doris Day has an anti aging video where she mentions injecting a neuromodulator injected into the masador.

What is the technique that involves a neuromodulator injected into the masador near the ear? I'm probably spelling it incorrectly. Who is a good... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Jaw reduction using Botox? (photo)

I was thinking to have botox to reduce and slim my face. Am I a good candidate and would that procedure cause any drop in my jowls? I am 41 years old.... READ MORE

About to embark on a full set of eyebrows by hair transplant. Will Botox be an interference to the hair transplant procedure?

I have had Botox to the Glabellar lines last week. Will this interfere with a hair transplant procedure of the eyebrows a month later? READ MORE

Fat Grafting, do I need Botox prior?

I am considering having fat grafting done to my face after a horrible Ultherapy outcome and was told by the physician that I needed to have botox on... READ MORE

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