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I'm Having Difficulty Swallowing Within Minutes After Botox Injections.

I've been receiving botox injections in my forehead area every 4 mths for 11 Yrs without a problem until this year. Within minutes after... READ MORE

Possible Botox Problem - Chinese Brand?

Two women and I got Botox just over a week ago at a reputable place near where we live in Beijing, with Chinese Botox. As background, we have all had... READ MORE

Can Botox for Hyperhidrosis Cause Overheating?

If sweating is how our bodies get rid of excess heat, can Botox / hyperhidrosis injections cause the body to overheat? READ MORE

Intense burning sensation in both eyes after Botox. Eyelids feel stretched. Can it lead to eye(lid) problems?

Botox for first time on December 3rd 2013 on my forehead, glabella, crow's feet, total of 35 units. Same night head-, neck aches, burning sensation in... READ MORE

Can you become immune to Botox?

I am 20 years old and have been having Botox since I was 18 as I had really bad frown lines that bothered me. As I have been having it done from a... READ MORE

Botox for enlarged parotid and submandibular glands?

I have Sjögrens Syndrome - an AI disease that primarily attacks the moisture producing glands. My major symptom has been enlarged & painful ... READ MORE

4 wks ago, I had Botox injected in my forehead and around my crows feet and it's aged me, what could have caused this? (Photos)

I look horrible! One eyelid looks swollen. The other looks super wrinkly. My friends say my eyes look squinty. I'm 55. Is Botox no longer a good... READ MORE

Can Botox help for bells palsy?

Hello I have had bells palsy since I was young and was wondering if Botox can help with the problems thank you READ MORE

Can Botox resolve unrest lip and wrinkled chin? (photos)

I believe I have a "orange peel skin" on my chin after doing research on it on realself. My chin has dimples when I close my lips. I think I also have... READ MORE

Botox for Hyperhydrosis.

I've been fairly sweaty my entire life but recently my hyperhydrosis has started to make me feel uncomfortable in public. I am naturally large... READ MORE

Potential problem with Botox in crows feet. Have I seen the worst of it (day 4 post op) and how long will it last? (Photo)

I had botox on Monday for my crows feet. 10 units on each side. I now feel I have more lines under my eyes and a little bag type pocket pops up when I... READ MORE

Problems with Botox injections. How can I correct it?

My name is Chahnaz I am a dentist from Egypt i injected a pot with botox and she had a drooping eye brow in the medial part how can I correct it . The... READ MORE

Headaches and sore jaw after botox.

Less than 48 hours ago I had Botox on my forehead and between my eyes. Immediately I noticed that my head hurts. didn't think too much of it but it... READ MORE

Frown line Botox not lasting. I have tried different doctors and seem to be having the same problem?

The first ever time worked the best and lasted about 10-12 weeks. Since then it started to wear off very quickly. I have tried a different doctors. My... READ MORE

What is the best way to treat my vertical forehead dent? (Photos)

I am 25 and have a noticeable forehead depression (that appeared suddenly) that makes me look older than I am and sunken (especially in certain light... READ MORE

I have been on deca durabolin steroid cycle and am getting Botox injections on monday. Will there be a problem?

The cycle only stopped last thursday. I have gotten botox after a cycle and everything was fine. Do I have to worry about clotting or worse? READ MORE

How can I make my eyes look more alike? (photo)

You see, I have this asymmetry in my eyes which I really want to fix. My right eye (left for you) looks lifeless. I have tried a huge amount of... READ MORE

Problem with Botox. Do you have any idea what may have gone wrong?

Had botox yrs ago to treat crows feet and forehead lines.. Made me feel intense anxiety as I could not fully close my eyes to sleep.. I also had a... READ MORE

I think I have a problem with my facial nerves. Is there a cure?

My face used to be much fuller. I used to press the bags under my eyes and water will secrete from my eyes. When I got stressed my face would change... READ MORE

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