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How Much Does Botox Cost?

To get a Botox injection for facial lines and wrinkles, what is the average cost. What is the best price you can get for Botox? READ MORE

Botox Price for Forehead Wrinkles?

How much would be the total price of Botox for the forehead if it is priced at 10 dollars per unit? READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover a person's Botox Injections?

Have terrible deep lines and it affects a person ability to get good paying jobs. READ MORE

Paying for Botox by the Vial

A few weeks ago, I had Botox for my crow's feet only, but I was charged for an entire vial of Botox (6 cc's)! I have had this procedure before... READ MORE

Botox Unit Vs Botox CC Cost Comparison

I am being charged $46.00 per CC for botox. How far will 1 cc go? I am going to new doctor for Botox and they quoted me $46.00 per cc, not per unit.... READ MORE

Affordable NJ Botox Doctor?

I was goin to look for botox in costa rica because I communte between there and miami, but I live in cape may county NJ. I have in between eyebrow... READ MORE

What is the Most Cost-effective Way to Pay for Botox?

Is it more cost-effective to buy units of Botox based on what you think you'll need for correction (even future correction), or is it more cost... READ MORE

Am I paying too much for a series of 46 Botox?

Series of 46 (Botox). That's what my receipt said. The total cast was $915.00. I've long suspected I was being ripped off (she will never give... READ MORE

Prices for Botox in nose?

I will like to know prices. for example I need to put a little botox in my nose READ MORE

Botox prices on the North Shore Massachusetts or in the Downtown area?

I am trying to find a doctor/nurse for botox injections either on the North Shore or the downtown area in Massachusetts. Please don't reply if you... READ MORE

My initial treatment of Botox seemed to work wonders. Now how often should I be going?

Now how offen should I be going and what is the average price I should be paying? READ MORE

What is the difference between regular Botox, and Dysport?

Just wondering the chemical difference, since there is a price difference. I had Botox before and I loved the results. READ MORE

For the side of mouth and forehead. Need to know price and how long it lasts. Can I re-use Botox over and over again?

Need a doctor in riverside california also need to know if there is any swelling after injection and how long to see results READ MORE

What are the side effects of Botox and its price?

As i m living in india and i have a very strong masster muscle, so i want to reduce the masster muscle but i m scared because of side effect of the... READ MORE

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