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Who is Qualified to Inject Botox?

I'm thinking about getting Botox injections in my forehead but I don't know what qualifications/education pratitioners need to do Botox injections.  READ MORE

Who Can Inject Botox?

I would imagine botox injections need to be done by doctors, but i keep hearing about nurses and others doing it...isn't botox a medical treatment... READ MORE

Should I Go See a Plastic Surgeon or a Dermatologist for my Botox Injection?

I decided to go for my first botox injection. I have decided to stay away from botox party or med spas. I am going to the best plastic surgeon or... READ MORE

Are pharmacists, legally, allowed to inject BOTOX if they have successfully completed the required course?

I know plastic surgeons "think" pharmacists should not inject BOTOX. I want to know if a pharmacist successfully completes the required course to... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Botox in New York City

I am looking for a doctor in NYC to get botox in masseter muscle. Should i go to a dermatologist? A plastic surgeon? Or an Oral surgeon? Any help... READ MORE

For Botox: Experienced Plastic Surgeon OR Oculoplastic Surgeon?

Should the plastic surgeon with over 20+ years of experience (and about 10 years experience of injecting botox), or an oculoplastic surgeon with... READ MORE

Help! Bad botox? Weird eyebrows? Should I go back to the plastic surgeon for a touch up? (photos)

Hello. I had botox done for the first time 5 days ago and my face/eyebrows look crazy. I am only 33 and just wanted to treat myself. I just wanted to... READ MORE

Dr will not do the units I requested for Botox. Any suggestions?

I went to see a plastic surgeon about my botox. I have had it 2 other times in the past with a different Dr.This was my third time to get it done. I... READ MORE

Can Botox resolve unrest lip and wrinkled chin? (photos)

I believe I have a "orange peel skin" on my chin after doing research on it on realself. My chin has dimples when I close my lips. I think I also have... READ MORE

Is a board certified facial plastic surgeon with 4-5 years experience in practice considered experienced for Botox and fillers?

My understanding is that I need an experienced injector, especially for the tear trough area. Is 4-5 years enough for a facial plastic surgeon who is... READ MORE

Can Botox which caused one eye to droop be corrected or I have to look like this for four months ?

I had botox injections by a plastic surgeon , and I've had it before and was very pleased , but this time I noticed my right eyelid began to droop, so... READ MORE

Do I need plastic surgery or an orthodontist?

I have been dealing with a crooked smile for awhile now, I have my main back teeth missing from a bad dentist when I was younger, which has cause alot... READ MORE

Looking for a PS/derm in Long Island/NYC experienced with administering Botox for gummy smile.

I have a slightly gummy smile. I've been getting filler in my lips over the last couple of years with some success in masking it, but I think I need a... READ MORE

Are there any plastic surgeons in Dallas that does Botox themselves, not through an injector?

Most plastic surgeons and great dermatologists now a days own beauty spas which I think makes complete sense. The problem that I encounter is they are... READ MORE

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