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Is it Okay to Get Botox to Frown Lines Only and Not Forehead as Well?

I'm planning to get my frown lines treated. The dr who has been recommended to me by friends charges by each location and I only have money to pay... READ MORE

How Low Should Botox Be Injected in my Forehead?

I've had a series of unfortunate events with botox; my eyebrows drop dramatically from botox injected into my forehead. Like a trooper (or fool) i let... READ MORE

How much is a Nefertiti lift? Where exactly is the Botox administered?

I researched alot about nefertiti lift and where its administered in the DAO the mentalis and and neck bands and the cost should be around $250-$400.... READ MORE

Can You Use Botox in Same Area That You Had a Juvederm Injection? (photo)

I had a Juvederm injection over my right eyebrow two weeks ago. It left a lump and I want to have it removed with Hyaluronidase. Can I use Botox in... READ MORE

Where is the best placement of Botox to get a good eyebrow lift?

I have had Botox done several times and with different injectors (as they leave the practice) would love to know the best placement of Botox to get a... READ MORE

I'm worried that the Botox was not injected in the proper place for my "elevens"??

Two weeks ago I had 20 units of Botox to get rid of my "elevens", a procedure I've had done before with 2nd day results every time! I don't think this... READ MORE

How many units of Botox will I require and where should the placement of injections be to avoid unwanted side effects? (Photo)

I am a 35 year old female and just discovered a fine vertical line in between my eyebrows. It's my first wrinkle and I want it gone. I want to be sure... READ MORE

Why Are The Wrikles Not Gone on Either Side of Eyes, But They're Gone Below My Eyes Which I Didn't Need?

Had botox on both sides of my eyes. The wrikles are still there & more noticable than before. Instead it shows on the lower part of the eyes... READ MORE

Botox brow lift - where do you inject?

I've now had 3 different doctors tell me 3 different things so I want to know what the majority say. 1 did under the eye in the cheek off to the side... READ MORE

I am afraid to get Botox because every Surgeon on this site mentions a different place to inject. (Photo)

What are the correct spots a Doctor should inject me in in order to erase my 11's and raise my brows a tad at the same time? Also am I a good... READ MORE

Where should the Botox be injected? (Photo)

I love the look of my eyes the day of the botox injection but after a couple more days when the Botox really sets in, my eyes start to look lifeless... READ MORE

Botox injections are wearing off around mouth after only 4 weeks. What should I do? (photos)

Would it make sense to get a Botox touch up this early? The other injected areas held. I don't want a stronger dose for fear of side effects. Would... READ MORE

Is it common to inject Botox under my bottom lash line under my eyes?

My doctor suggested Botox directly under my bottom lash line under my eyes and also across the width of my upper lip for lines and wrinkles. I didn't... READ MORE

What is the ideal injection spot for getting an outer eyebrow lift using Botox?

What's the most common injection spot that will cause droppy eyelids? And how many units are reccommended in order to avoid any bad results? I'm... READ MORE

How low under the eye area can Botox be injected?

How do celebrities seem to have no movement in their faces especially under the eye/cheek area. My Dr refuses to inject botox too 'low'. How do people... READ MORE

Is there an advantage or disadvantage to Botox placement within the periosteum?

People keep mentioning the "crunch" on this site and today I found out what it is- I tried a new Botox provider (plastic surgeon) who told me you have... READ MORE

Two chins after Botox! (Photo)

4 days ago I had 6 units inj to my chin. Day 2, I woke up and noticed that when I closed my mouth, frowned and even talking, my chin looks terrible.... READ MORE

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