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Bad Headache from Botox Injections, When Will It Stop?

I had Botox 1 week ago and have had a horrible horrible headache for a week. My forehead feels heavy and my right eye is achy and heavy. Nothing... READ MORE

How Long Will I Have These Bags Under Eyes After Botox Injection?

I had two units of botox injected under my eyes 6 days ago and bags under my eyes appeared 3 days after the injection, what look like pockets of fluid... READ MORE

Discoloration of Skin in Area of Injections - Botox & Juvederm Combination

8 weeks ago I had my 1st treatment.Botox with a tiny bit of Juvederm for the "11s" between my brows.Also fillers at the corners of my mouth,... READ MORE

Are Botox Results Permanent After Long-term Use?

I read somewhere that Botox results become semi-permanent after perhaps 8-12 treatments. Is this true? If so, would it only be true for certain areas... READ MORE

Is Botox Ever Permanent?

I have a tendency to squint or have my eyes closed while pictures are being taken and a pretty gummy smile. In October, I had Botox injections around... READ MORE

When Botox is Injected in the Upper Lips, is the Result Permanent or Can It Be Reversed?

My smile is crooked, one side goes down farther than the other. Also, I cannot spit or enunciate clearly. Will this go away and if so, when? READ MORE

Side Effects After Botox in Forehead - Are They Permanent?

I had some bruising near my temples which came and went. But at the one injection site, I have a mark left....comparable to the look and size of a... READ MORE

Smiling Looks Odd After Botox In Chin, Will It Subside?

I posted a question about bumps after chin botox a few wks ago.The problem resolved in a few days, and yesterday my Dr. indicated that there was still... READ MORE

What is a Permenent Cure for Masseter Hypertrophy?

I have TMJ caused by masseter hypertrophy and for the past several years have been treated using botox, and have recently tried dysport and Xeomen.... READ MORE

How Many Times Jaw Botox to Make It Permanent?

I want to make it permanent or come back longer READ MORE

Can Botox in the Masseter Be Permanent and How Is This Muscle Different Than Others?

I had a botox injection into my masseter muscle a week ago, I heard that usually one only needs 2 botox injections to achieve a permanent dystrophy... READ MORE

Botox Caused Ptosis. Is It Permanent?

I had botox for crows feet, above brows and between brows 4/15/10. ptosis developed in rt lid 4/24/10. by the end of the summer, august, it looked... READ MORE

I Had Botox in my Upper and Lower Forhead Area (Only) but Now I Look Angry All the Time?

I have recently had a botox treatment. The problem is I can not raise my eyebrows very much at all now but I can still frown very hard and even in a... READ MORE

I Had Botox in my Left Cheek to Treat Chronic Pain for Trigeminal Neuralgia - I Now Have an Uneven Smile – Nerve Damage? (photo)

I had the Botox (quite alot of injections) almost 2 months ago and im not noticing much of an improvement - My GP thinks the dr that did my botox may... READ MORE

Can Botox Permanently Correct Jaw Asymmetry Due to Masseter Hypertrophy?

I've been reading that the effects of Botox on the masseter are long lasting but not permanent. Also, increased use of the masseter muscle can... READ MORE

Botox Caused Small Eye and Extra Eyelid Folds in Crease, Is It Permanent?

Botox injection drooping of the eyelid never subsided. 3 months later same injections. left eyelid drooping looks like left eye is half size of my... READ MORE

Can Botox Cause Permanent Facial Nerve Damage?

I have been suffering from horrific pain in my face for 18 months. I never had anything like it before. So what happened 18 months ago that could have... READ MORE

After 3 Years of Having Botox for Crows Feet I Have Indents Under my Eyes Will They Go Away?

After having Botox at the corner of my eyes I have indents under my eyes a kind of deflated look to the too of my cheeks, my under eye wrinkles are... READ MORE

Permanent Paralysis w/ Long-Term Botox Use?

If botox is being used on a regular basis to paralyze the facial muscles, will it eventually cause permanent facial paralysis? READ MORE

Has anybody heard of Botox causing permanent nerve damage?

I had Botox injections in my forehead over a year ago for a frown mark.  I had a severe heavy head immediately afterwards and this never... READ MORE

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