Paralysis + Botox

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Face Semi-paralyzed After Botox to Masseter Muscles? (photo)

I had 30 units of botox injected in the masseter muscles on the right side of my face; I leave the left side alone because the muscles aren't as... READ MORE

Can I Still Move my Forehead After Botox?

I am self-conscious of the lines on my forehead and am desperately looking for a way to reduce them however I am a 29 year old actress and am cautious... READ MORE

Numbness Normal After Botox?

I got Botox in my forehead, between and under my eyes. This was my first time. This is my second day and my cheek and lip feel numb. Is this normal?! READ MORE

Facial Asymmetry and Paralysis After Botox

Is it normal for one side of my face to be larger or fatter than the other after Botox and with smile paralysis four months after the injections? ... READ MORE

Risk of Botox Migration in Face

I recently had upper eyelid surgery that included the use of Botox in my forehead. At the same time I had Radiesse injected in nasal folds. Five days... READ MORE

Unable to Lift Right Eyebrow After Botox

Hi, I had botox in between my eyebrows (frown) and in the horizontal lines on my forehead 16 days ago. My right eyebrow barely moves and I can elevate... READ MORE

Will Getting Botox Cause Skin to Sag?

I'd like to get Botox but have read some discerning articles reporting that paralyzing facial muscles could cause the skin to later become loose and... READ MORE

How Long Does Anxiety Last from Botox?

Why does botox cause anxiety, double vision and seizures when it is only meant to paralyze your skin? READ MORE

Can Botox Cause Bells Palsy Symptoms?

I had Botox injections between my eyes and in my forehead, two days later i woke up with my right side of my face and neck swollen. My primary care... READ MORE

Can Botox on Crows Feet Cause Muscle Paralysis in Other Areas of my Face?

I received 20 units of Botox on my eyes a month ago. For the first 10 days it was nice, no wrinkles. After about 10 days, I noticed pressure on my... READ MORE

Botox Side Effects from Facial Tics Treatment

I had botox injections in June (6th) for facial tics. Unfortunately I went to a quack, an optomologis, who supposedly does this for medical reasons.... READ MORE

Side of Face is Paralyzed After Botox for Crow's Feet

I had botox for crow's feet and now the right side of my face is paralzed. Will this get better? 6 days after botox the right side of my face felt... READ MORE

Permanent Paralysis w/ Long-Term Botox Use?

If botox is being used on a regular basis to paralyze the facial muscles, will it eventually cause permanent facial paralysis? READ MORE

I Have a Paralized Vocal Cord - Can I Still Have a Botox Treatment?

I was diagnosed with a right paralized vocal cord from the swine flu vaccine. I went through speech therapy and my voice is fine but the paralysis is... READ MORE

Botox to Paralyze Corrugator Muscles - Relieve Tightness

There is a constant tension in my corrugator/procerus muscle- a tight feeling- ever since my eyelid surgery 4 months ago. I am about to go to the eye... READ MORE

Botox Affecting Upper Lip Movement?

Can Botox for crows feet and frown lines affect your upper lip? I can't move my right upper lip and I look deformed when I smile. READ MORE

Will the muscles around the corner of the mouth recover from Botox paralysis? (photos)

I had Botox injections to the masseters. One injection was between my chin and the corner of my mouth on the right side, unlike the injections on the... READ MORE

Is There Any Treatment That Can Help with Iatrogenic Botulism and Paralysis from Allergan Botox Cosmetic Injections? (photo)

I have been diagnosed with iatrogenic botulism from a team of physicians and an expert neurologist. Once completely healthy and fit and loving life, I... READ MORE

Damage from Facial Paralysis- How to Find Best Botox Providers For This Issue?

I have a face damaged from a 15 year old bells palsy /ramsey's hunt could have been either. I have been all over to get opinions but resist any... READ MORE

Corner of Smile Turns Down After Botox for Mouth Frown, What's The Cause?

I'm from Sydney, Australia. I went to a dentist offering a special on dermal fillers. She suggested before dermal fillers I would need to have... READ MORE

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