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What Makes the Ouchless Needle Pain-free?

I heard about an "ouchless needle" for Botox injections. How is it pain free if I'm still being poked with a needle? READ MORE

Could This Be an Allergic Reaction to Botox? (photo)

I have a large, soft puffy area in the center of my face on the top of my cheek bone (not near the injection site at all) 5 days after getting 8 units... READ MORE

Why did I pass out immediately after Botox and Voluma?

Hi! I recirved one syringe of Voluma to my cheeks and 15 units of Botox to my Glabella region. Injections were painless, didn't swell or anything. As... READ MORE

I have six bumps on my forehead after Botox treatment. How long until it will disappear?

I was happy with my experience but never had this reaction before. It had been several years since I did my last treatment. Help. I had 20 units of... READ MORE

Puss after anal fissure procedure with Botox. should I be worried if there's no pain ?

I had a anal fissure. Had to have a fissure atonomy in office procedure. I noticed now my fissure not bother me but I have a hard lump about the size... READ MORE

Recently had Botox in my chin. After 24 hours there is a painless bubble that forms when I purse my lips. Is this normal?(photo)

I had my first Botox treatment yesterday morning in my chin To help with frowning when I close my mouth. It has been over 24 hours and this bubble... READ MORE

Can I get local anesthesia in my forehead so that I can have Microblading and Botox at the same time?

Can my doctor give me local anaesthesia in my forehead so that I can have painless Microblading of my brows and then before getting off the couch give... READ MORE

I had 10 units of Botox in my massaters 3 months ago. It overslimmed them and looked narrow as she injected the upper massater

I then experienced tightness and pain in my massaters at three months. My tmj returned and my muscles seemed to look stronger although my face was... READ MORE

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