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Can a Nurse Do my Botox Cosmetic Injection?

How do you know if a nurse is a safe Botox injector, or legal in your state? READ MORE

At a Physician Owned Medi-Spa, is a Registered Nurse Allowed to Administer Botox Without Ever Being Evaluated or Seen by the M.D

I live in CA where "Medi-Spas" are everywhere. I recently had Botox by an RN, leaving me with an inquisitive look on the right side of my... READ MORE

Can RN's Administer Botox and Dermal Fillers in the State of Florida?

Can RN's Administer Botox and Dermal Fillers in the State of Florida? READ MORE

Can RN's Inject Botox in Texas?

Can RN's Inject Botox in Texas? READ MORE

Possible for Nurses to Get Certified to Inject Botox?

Ive been told that Florida nurses are legally allowed to inject botox if certified? My daughter is interested in the cosmetic side of nursing, she is... READ MORE

At a RN Owned Medi-Spa in Maine, is the RN Allowed to Administer Botox?

What are the Maine regulations on registered nurses giving Botox? READ MORE

Botox or filler for NL/angularis ori area & sunken cheeks?

My NL/risorius/angularis ori area gets overbuilt easily. NL lines are pronounced & extend down around curve of my mouth. also have very sunken cheeks.... READ MORE

Can a DDS in Minnesota Be a Medical Director for an R.N. to Do Botox, Laser Treatments, Chemical Peels, Etc in a Hair Salon?

A nurse is doing Medical Spa treatments in a hair salon and her medical director is a dentist. I thought only MD and DO can practice medicine? Is this... READ MORE

Can RN'S in MICHIGAN inject Botox and fillers?

Can an RN in the state of MI do Botox injections and fillers in a medical spa without a Physician on site. Physician available to be contacted at all... READ MORE

Can I Give Botox Under the Supervision of a Plastic Surgeon?

If I Am An Unlicensed Nurse Practitior (lnp) and a certified esthetician, could i give botox under supervision of plstic surgeon? READ MORE

Nurse pressed down on glabella area AFTER Botox injections, made me feel uncomfortable for a long time and wouldn't let me up.

I just had botox today. I have researched the advice and protocol pertaining to aftercare. I have read not to press down on the area. The doctor... READ MORE

Am I getting Botox done correctly?

I get 22 units injected for forehead wrinkles and a eyebrow lift by the same nurse for almost 3 years. She injects it and rubs it afterwards. I was... READ MORE

Using botox for 10 years I have returned 3 times & going a 4th. Something isn't right or misused? (photos)

Why am I not seeing the usual results? I see a medical esthetic's nurse. This is what this professional has practiced in for 12 years. READ MORE

Is it okay to get Botox injections from a nurse who is an injection trainer for Allergan?

Rather than from a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who is not? The nurse works for the dermatologist. READ MORE

Is a certified plastic surgical nurse a title that would be beneficial to qualifying someone to inject with fillers and botox?

Wondering if someone working closely in a Plastic surgeons office has the title of RN,CPSN and has 18 years of experience injecting, teaching and is... READ MORE

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