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How Soon After Having Botox Would a Ptosis Show Up? Hours? Days?

I had botox to the glabellar and crows feet 2 days ago and my new practitioner also gave me a half unit towards the upper, outer corner of my eyebrows... READ MORE

Will Botox Injection Be Noticeable 5 Days Later?

New to Botox - I have an event 5 days after injections. Will it be noticable? I'm looking to get this done between my eyes and a small wrinkle on my... READ MORE

What is the best treatment option for my under eye wrinkles and crowsfeet? (photo)

I am 35 years old and the wrinkles under my eyes are starting to become noticeable. Currently they are only visible when I smile. I would love to find... READ MORE

Botox for forehead and 11's. (photo)

I'm 32 and have some lines on my forehead and one between my eyes. I'm wondering if Botox could help these. Sometimes I feel like they're not that... READ MORE

Are multiple sessions of Botox injections needed for slimming the masseter muscle before results are noticeable?

8 months ago I had 40 units of Botox injected into my masseter muscles (20 each side) in hopes to slim my square jawline. This was my first Botox... READ MORE

Botox made vertical platysmal bands worse. Will it resolve? (photo)

I had 2 small vertical platysmal bands underneath my chin. Botox was injected by my cosmetic dermatologist -days after the bands became exaggerated.... READ MORE

Skin fold under eye with smiling - will botox help or worsen? (photos)

Had crows feet as well as creases/folds underneath my eyes with smiling. Received botox to crows feet and a little to under eye area. Now 1.5 weeks... READ MORE

Wrinkles under eyes more noticeable when smiling after glabella and forehead Botox.

I got my first Botox and it was 25 units of Botox almost two weeks ago. 5 across forehead, and 20 for my glabella. I am noticing now when I smile I... READ MORE

How to fix an enlarged eyebrow caused by muscle? I am a 30 y/o male. (photos)

It is causing a small dent and my forehead to look horrible and asymetrical. I have gone to 3 suregons who have recommended and adminstered botox... READ MORE

Does anyone know why my cheek is puffier than the other which is making my smile line realy deep? (photos)

I had Botox around 7-8 months ago and ever since Iv noticed one of my cheek on the right side sits lower than the other making my smile line really... READ MORE

Should I have movement after one month and should I notice a big difference?

Should I have movement after one month and should I notice a big difference? I had botox injections Dec 12th. I started to have movement January 15th... READ MORE

Botox injection for hyperactive mentalis, "pebbled" chin - how do I find an experienced injector? 28 y/o female. (photos)

For the past 10 years I've had a noticeable amount of dimpling in my chin. Also, the muscle makes a "bubble" below my jawline when I smile. I had... READ MORE

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