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If the doctor hits a nerve while injecting botox should you refrain from exercise?

I got botox injections 2 days ago and the doctor hit a nerve in my forehead which sent a sharp pain to the top of my head. Since then if I rub my... READ MORE

Does botox injection into the parotid duct (a unilaterally hypertrophied parotid) pose any risks to facial nerves?

After sort of "palpating" myself for a while and trying to decipher why the area around my right upper masseter is larger on one side, I am fairly... READ MORE

Botox Injected in the Nasal Area

Several doctors have answerd my question and reasurred me that the botox injected into the nasial labiafold area which paraylised a portion of my... READ MORE

Botox for Occular Neuralgia and Forehead Lines?

They were successfully treated with Botox. I did also notice after that my foehead looks looser and has more thin lines. The line where the injections... READ MORE

Will Getting Botox Put Me At Risk Of My Eyelid Not Closing Or Effect my Blinking?

My Eye Spasms/closes when I Move my Mouth Due to Nerves That Grew Back in the Wrong Direction when I Recovered from Bell's Palsy. Am I at risk for... READ MORE

In the mechanism of action of BOTOX, does the nerve ending always regenerate?

Is there any cases where the nerve ending does not grow back, resulting in permanent paralysis or damage of any sort? Thanks so much......... READ MORE

When I Was 3yrs Old I Was Involved in a Bad Accident That Left Me Facial Nerve Palsy on the Left Side of my Face? (photo)

I'm 18. Facial nerve palsy has made me rather shy&tore down my confidence. I miss out on a lot of good opportunities bc of my lack of self... READ MORE

Botox and nerve conditions?

I had Botox a week ago (injected into my forehead to lift my eyebrows). In the past couple of days I have had a slight tingling feeling down both arms... READ MORE

Can B12 vitamins help eliminate Botox by repairing the nerves? I have severe eyebrow droop on day 6. Will this get much worse?

I had 22 units in my forehead for the horizontal lines, 12 units for the frown lines and 9 units each side for crows feet. My forehead is pretty much... READ MORE

Looking For Info on Botox for Synkinesys?

Looking For Info on Botox for Synkinesys? READ MORE

What are your views on Dr. Guyuron's nerve deactivation surgery?

What are your views on Dr, Guyuron from Ohio, nerve deactivation surgery? I have read and researched this procedure and hope one day I can have this... READ MORE

What happens after Botox is injected?

I know it blocks the nerve impulses, but what happens to the physical bacteria. Does it disappear, does it get removed by our body's defense system,... READ MORE

I wanted to understand why the sprouts retract, if the original nerve ending is permanently blocked from Botox?

I wanted to understand why the sprouts retract, if the original nerve ending is permanently blocked? I mean, how does it start working again if the... READ MORE

Why is my scalp still irritated 6 mos. later? Did doctor's technique cause this? Is there a nerve problem?

I had 15 "rapid fire" injections of Botox in my neck & scalp for severe muscle spasming & migraine headaches. The injections were painful & the pain... READ MORE

Scheduled Botox in 4 days for chronic neck pain, bulging disk,pinched nerves in my c 4&5, & straight neck.Will it help? (photo)

I was in a car accident over 2 years ago. Diagnosed with whiplash and concussion. Later had MRI and x rays done to try to find the source of continued... READ MORE

Micro needle left in face soft tissue after botox.

Hi Doctor, I did a CT scan, found a needle area the jaw muscle. It could be happened during Botox injection, the needle is broke and left inside my... READ MORE

Does dose of botox determine duration of new nerve sprouts making contact with muscle?

I have heard that the effects of botox last anywhere from 2-6 months, depending on the dosage. If one has a low dose amount, for instance (below... READ MORE

Will Botox help nerve pain?

4 years ago I was hit really hard in the  bridge of my nose with a heavy iron pipe while doing farm work.  I've  been to Mayo... READ MORE

Can I get severe dry eyes 3 years post LASIK? Could too much Botox cause my optical nerves to stop working? Tried everything.

In 2/13, I began to have severe red, dry irritated eyes. To this day they are still the same. had my upper ducts cauterized, lowers plugged, use... READ MORE

I had a botox injection for pain relief leading to complication in my nerve in my down on foot i cant walk properly. What to do?

As i said above i have a perisisting problem with my leg which started as soon as i got my pain relief injection two days before hospital release i... READ MORE

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