Neck Bands + Botox

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Do Botox Injections Work on the Neck Bands?

Can Botox be used on the neck banding? What else does neck injection offer to a patient? READ MORE

Botox for Relaxing Neck Bands?

I've heard that Botox is being used to relax neck bands. Can you please share your opinions on this, the safety, effectiveness, expected cost,... READ MORE

Will Botox Get Rid of Neck Bands?

Hello, I have had "necklace bands" or those horizontal lines that go all the way around my neck since childhood. Now they have deepened and... READ MORE

Botox or Fillers for Neck Rings and Bands?

After a neck lift, I am still not happy. I still have bands from the neck down, and also neck rings around my neck. Do I have more options? Will Botox... READ MORE

Botox to Correct Prominent Neck Muscles?

The two muscles from my chin to my clavicle are very prominent. Is there anything I can do about it? The skin on my neck is thin, and when I see... READ MORE

Is Botox an Option for Bands Showing After Necklift?

I had a necklift with platysmaplasty 4 mos ago. I think that maybe I had too much lipo just under chin, because when my head is tilted back, very... READ MORE

Can Botox Injections to Treat Neckbanding Cause Breathing Problems and Sleep Apnea?

I have been getting botox injections for neckbanding for 3 years with no problems. Lately, I have been experiencing sleep apnea symptoms when I lay... READ MORE

I am 34yrs old with obvious neck bands and an unsightly crepey skin between them. Would botox and juvederm hydrate help?

I am 34yrs old with prominant neck bands and a crepey area between them which bothers me constantly. I am highly self conscious of my neck area now... READ MORE

Should I use botox or fillers for frown lines? Will botox help give a lift there?

I was also told to use botox on my neck bands and it will help lift jowels. Am I getting accurate info. (I was informed of swallowing effects.) Thank you! READ MORE

Is Laser Surgery a Good Option for my Neck?

I am a young active male. I have almost no body fat (6%) and I have never been overweight. I have an extremely well defined jaw line. I have what is... READ MORE

I would like advice on non-surgical procedures to deal with excess skin/bands on my neck. (Photo)

I had 15 CCs of Botox 13 days ago and do not see desired effects. Should I try Botox again with greater amount of CCs? Would cool sculpting be an... READ MORE

How many units of Botox is typical? Also, how is Botox reconstituted; as I have heard the more diluted the stronger the Botox?

How many units of Botox is typical for frown area, crows feet, lifting brows and neck bands? I do not have any lines on my forehead, normal frowning,... READ MORE

Erased jaw line after botox to neck bands? What went wrong?

I had this done many times with good result but this time thr ps not only injected the 4 bands below chin but all starting just below the jawbone.... READ MORE

I have horizontal neck bands since I was a baby, and quite pronounced muscles underneath my neck. (photo)

The lines are, likely, formed inbetween the neck muscles. I'm currently only 23. What options are available for me? Fat graft/liposuction? Fraxel... READ MORE

Botox for neck bands? 55 y/o female that read in Christy Brinkley's book you can get botox for neck bands to relax them. (photo)

Hello. I was wondering if this is true and if it really works. I get botox around my eyes and forehead but have never had a doctor mention it for... READ MORE

Will Botox subdue these neck muscles? Age 38. (photos)

Slender build. My hair and skin have always been finer/thinner than I would like, so bones and muscles can be prominent. The muscles/tendons at the... READ MORE

Help! Platt small bands look awful! What can I do? (Photo)

What can I do? I had some Botox in april it's now only almost June. Maybe didn't have enough? READ MORE

Are there any ways to get rid of these neck folds? I've had these since I was born and it's just because my dad has it. (photo)

I lose my confidence completely because of this. Are there any ways that help me get rid of this :( . I'm only at my 20s. READ MORE

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