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Tyndall Effect?

I had my nasofabial folds injected with fillers one whole year ago, i bruised heavily, a month later i noticed that the bruises did not completely... READ MORE

Botox for Nasolabial Folds and it's Been 5 Months and I Still Can't Smile?

I had 15 units of botox in November 2011 above the nasolabial folds and next to each nostril to reduce my deep smile lines. I could not smile at all... READ MORE

Does Botox Work For Nasal Labial Folds?

Does Botox Work on the Lines from the Sides of the Nose to the Edges of the Mouth? or is surgery the only option? READ MORE

Should I Fill These Nasolabial Folds, or Should I Wait a Few Years? I Am 27 Years Old. (photo)

I always had nasolabial folds and it was always smt I did not like so much at me, but I never felt it was so huge of a problem..I guess it's my... READ MORE

Hanging Glands, Jowling. What Do I Treat First? (photo)

Do you ever perform procedures to correct/minimize large submandibular glands? Can botox shrink them down? As my skin ages, this area has begun to... READ MORE

Uncorrectable Nasolabial Folds? (photo)

Hello, 35 here. I have gotten almost full correction of my nasolabial folds/lines, which were quite pronounced. We used Juvederm. However, my injector... READ MORE

Filler or Stick to Botox? I'm 36. (photo)

Should I do any filler in my nasoflabial folds and frown line, or stick to just botox in frown lines READ MORE

Super Oily Skin After Botox and Perlane?

Hello. I got botox on my 11's and perlane on my nasolabial folds yesterday. Everything has gone as expected. Only thing is that my face looks like an... READ MORE

Thin and Shallow Nasolabial Folds, I'm Only 22? (photo)

I have had them since I can remember even noticing (around 18), but it has become increasingly more of a self-conscious issue. The problem is its... READ MORE

What can be done to help my asymmetric nasolabial folds? (photo)

I have an uneven smile where my nasolabial folds on both sides of my face are of different shape. Is there anything that can be done to make them look... READ MORE

Can Botox Be Used to Widen the Smile?

I was wondering whether it is possible to use botox to change the shape of the nasal labial fold lines so that the smile widens. I have quite a small... READ MORE

I Had Spent 700 on Botox and Fillers to Look Better. Now I Look Worse As the Wrinkles Around my Eyes Look Worse and Pulled?

I had nose line to mouth tip corner fillers also botox in my forehead and under eyes there is an obvious lump beneath each mouth corner. the line that... READ MORE

Massaged Botox, Shorter Longevity?

Today I had 2 units of botox injected into the sides of my nose in order to further improve the look of my deep nasolabial folds. I didn't know better... READ MORE

Will Botox Help with This Asymmetry? (photo)

Will Botox help with uneven smile/ nasolabial folds? I like the left side of my face, it is very natural default and natural when smiling, with a... READ MORE

After Having my Nasofabial Folds Injected with Fillers Almost a Year Ago, I Had Hard Bruising and Discoloration?

It's above the mouth that looks like a light moustache .. do i have to be injected with hylorunidase? which i do not prefer as i am now too scared or... READ MORE

l Had Filler with H.A for my Nasolabial Folds and Botox for Forehead and Latral Eyes Sides 8days Ago?

I had buffness in my face since 3rd day till now especially at morning i feel like i had oedema at my nose sides and the internal angle of my eyes i... READ MORE

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