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Can Facial Muscles Become Weaker After Botox?

I want to try Botox for the "chemical brow lift" effect. However, I am worried that Botox may cause the facial muscles to weaken or... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Clench Your Teeth in an Effort to Make Jaw Muscles Bigger and Achieve This?

I'm just curious, I've been clenching my jaw (not very hard, just keeping it tight) since the beginning of the year and my jaw muscles seem to have... READ MORE

Jawline Botox Affected my Smile, Will Facial Muscle Exercise Help Get my Smile Back? (photo)

4 Mo Seems Too Long to Recover my Smile. Last week I had 40 units of Botox (Xeomin) injected to the masseter to slim the jawline. My doctor had 15 yrs... READ MORE

How Can I Tell if I Need Botox in my Masseter Muscle?

Hi, I have a very large jaw and was thinking of having it reduced by Botox in my masseter muscle. How do I know if this will be successful for me, ie... READ MORE

Muscle Spasms After Botox Between Brows

I am 42 and had Botox injections 6 weeks ago to address the beginnings of "11" lines between my brows. The doctor injected 18 points in the... READ MORE

Botox for Crows Feet Cause Droopy Lower Eyelid?

I've been thinking of having Botox for my crow's feet, but my doctor told me not to do it. He would not give me the injections. He said it was not... READ MORE

Do Facial Muscles Weaken from Botox Use?

Because you can no longer use the facial muscles while the Botox lasts, doesn't this mean that over the duration of using this product, that your... READ MORE

Does Botox Cause the Injected Muscles to Weaken over Time?

Will injecting Botox cause the affected muscle to weaken over time? Will the muscle regain full strength or will it stay in the weakened state? READ MORE

Can Temporalis Muscle Wasting from Botox Be Reversed? (photo)

I had a 4th tx with Botox injections for migraine 7 weeks ago. It was ineffective for MHA. I had temporary weakness when chewing. Then noticed gradual... READ MORE

Botox for Orbicularis Oris Muscle?

Can Botox be used for the orbicularis oris muscle? That particular muscle is too built up on my face and gives me a masculine appeal. I attached a... READ MORE

Can I Reduce the Top of my Head and my Jaws? Has Been Swollen My Whole Life.

The two top sides of my head, above my ears and beside my forehead have always been swollen out as long as i can remember. i have noticed an increase... READ MORE

Can Botox Be Safely/Successfully Used to Decrease Muscle Mass in the Deltoid Muscles?

Want to reduce muscle mass in deltoids. Can BOTOX be used for this and/or has anyone ever used botox for muscle reduction? My body is... READ MORE

I want reduce my masseter muscle. Any suggestions?

I have super strong face muscle. I wanna reduce them in order to have a nice jawline. how can I do that? and where should do the surgery ? READ MORE

Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Injections to Prevent Neck Muscle Spasms?

After my car accident my neck muscles became very tight. I tried medication, hot and old compresses and of course physical therapy…. Swelling... READ MORE

What's the Maximum Amount for 11s?

I am trying to get rid of my 11s between my eyebrows. So far I have recieved 50 botox units. 20, then 15 and 15. all a week apart. Things have... READ MORE

I Am Having Eye Muscle Botox Injection Soon, How Long Before It's Safe to Travel by Airplane?

The procedure is relaxing the inside muscle, due to pulling/pain on outside muscle. small amount to be injected. I know that it takes a few days to... READ MORE

Weak Eye Muscle After Botox-Induced Ptosis?

I developed ptosis after botox--my question is can the eye muscle stay weak for an extended period of time after botox induced ptosis? READ MORE

Muscle Spasms and Regained Movement 4 Weeks After Botox

I had Botox 4 weeks ago and have regainned alot of movement in my forehead. Today i have had a lot of muslce spasms in my forhead which are squeezing... READ MORE

Will Botox for Facial Hyperhidrosis Have the Same Muscle Relaxing Effect As It Does when Used for Wrinkles?

I have an appointment to get it done as my sweating is excessive, but as I'm only 21 it's a bit early to start paralysing my face. READ MORE

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