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How is It Ok to Use Botox As Multidose,when It is Labeled "Single Patient Use"

I see that most physicians use their botox as multidose which makes perfect sense. So why is it sold in a vial marked "single patient use"... READ MORE

Can I get Botox just one day after Dermaroller?

Can I get botox just one day after Dermaroller? Dermarolling include my whole face and the botox I would like to get will be for frown area plus jaw... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Botox and 1ml Juvederm, there are no change. Is there anything I can do? (photo)

Hi I had Botox for my frown lines and 1ml of jouverderm lip filler exactly two weeks ago. I've still total movement in my forhead and my lips look... READ MORE

Can Botox, Filler, Carbon Laser Peel, Fraxel and Thermage Be Performed in One Visit?

Hi, doctors! I need your expertises on this. I found a very interesting price for a package offer of botox, filler, carbon laser peel, fraxel and... READ MORE

Botox/Restylane/Radiesse while on Humira?

I have received Botox, Restylane, and Radiesse in the past with no issues following the injection and I am scheduled to receive them again in a few... READ MORE

Dental treatment and botox and dermal filler?

Is it OK to have dental treatment after botox injections for frown lines? Also after dermal filler for Iip lines? READ MORE

Why did I pass out immediately after Botox and Voluma?

Hi! I recirved one syringe of Voluma to my cheeks and 15 units of Botox to my Glabella region. Injections were painless, didn't swell or anything. As... READ MORE

Why did Botox and Xeomin not work on me? (Photo)

I got20units of botox my first time in2013 And within 5 days it worked but only lasted one month. A year passed and I tried again this time 25units... READ MORE

Is Botox or Juvaderm safe with Hashimoto?

Hi I have already Hashimoto my results are like this: A-TG 349,7 IU/ml norm= <18 IU/ml, A-TPO 109,30 IU/ml norm = <8 IU/ml, TSH III generation... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait after IPL/microdermabrasion to do Botox?

I want to do botox on my face. I have a gift certificcate. I also have a package for the IPL and microdermabrasion. How should I schedule these? How... READ MORE

I was charged 2490.00 for my face. Does this sound right?

On Wednesday, August 12, 2015 I went to A Doctor called Candice Cooley at Radiance in Fort Walton Beach and this was my first time. she put 54 units... READ MORE

Can lip fillers and Botox for wrinkles be injected at the same time? (Photo)

Im going for a consultation to have botox injected in my laugh lines and forehead wrinkles... but I also want to get lip fillers done during the same... READ MORE

Can heat from BBQ on the face after Botox and Juvederm filler affect the results?

I received a Juvederm filler and Botox treatment on my face. After 24 hours, I was BBQing. Could the heat of the BBQ affect my results, or "melt" the... READ MORE

Is the effect of Botox in the platysma muscles cumulative?

I am not sure if "cumulative" is necessarily the correct word. I would like to know if the repeated use of botox in the platysma muscles leads... READ MORE

How soon can I get a Botox after laser Genesis treatment?

I want to get a Botox but how soon can I get it to be consider safe after laser treatment? READ MORE

Can I take 500 mg amoxicillin and get Botox and Restylane injections on the same day?

I will take 500 mg of amoxicilin as a prophylatic when I have my teeth cleaned because I have a congenital heart defect. I scheduled an appointment to... READ MORE

So I've decided for a combination of Botox and ultheraphy. Perhaps next year I'll try fillers. Any thoughts? (photos)

I want to refresh my look. Concerned about a fine line ive recently developed on upper eyelid (dropping) and fine wrinkles when I smile on lower eye... READ MORE

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