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I Seem to Get Eye Aches and Headaches when the Botox in my Forehead and Eye Area Wears Off, Normal?

I have had botox 3 times, it was great as it made me stop squinting and furrowing my brow, the last time, about a month ago, only lasted a very short... READ MORE

Can You Fly Same Day if You Are Getting Botox Injections for Chronic Migraine? Since It is 30+

I just had my next round of botox at 11:30am and had a 3:30pm flight and have had a HUGE increase of migraines. I am wondering if flying just a few... READ MORE

Doc Put 50 Units of Botox In my Face is This Too Much I Got Saggy Eyes, and Migraines

I had botox on july 7th, the doc used 50 units between my forehead and crows feet. I've never had that much botox before, and now my upper eyelids... READ MORE

Will Botox for Migraines Provide Cosmetics Benefit As Well As Possible Migraines Relief?

I just got my Botox for migraines yesterday by my neurologist. I know it takes a week to see full effects and I praying for less migraines. But I am a... READ MORE

Can Temporalis Muscle Wasting from Botox Be Reversed? (photo)

I had a 4th tx with Botox injections for migraine 7 weeks ago. It was ineffective for MHA. I had temporary weakness when chewing. Then noticed gradual... READ MORE

Is Hourglass Deformity (Hollowing in the Temples) Seen in Cosmetic Use or Only Migraine Treatment?

A RealSelfer shared "after doing some online research I have discovered that "Hourglass deformity" - a caving in of the temples due to muscle loss -... READ MORE

How to Flush Botox from System?

My neurologist gave me Botox injections for chronic migraine - 100 unit is base of skull, neck & shoulders. This was 6 days ago. My neck is very... READ MORE

Can Botox Cause a Person to Have Myasthenia Gravis if Taken While the Person Also Has Fibromyalgia?

I have been taking botox injections for migraines and have developed symptoms my doctor said look like myasthenia gravis. i have several auto immune... READ MORE

Is Non-cosmetic Botox (For Migraines) Safe During Breastfeeding?

I have discontinued use during pregnancy (and have been very ill since it wore off). Breastfeeding is a priority to me, however it would be very... READ MORE

Botox for Migraines and Pregnancy?

I have very bad chronic migraines, I just started getting botox treatment for them, and it has changed my life. However, I would like to have another... READ MORE

Swollen Eyelids Caused by Zymar Eye Drops After Botox?

I had Botox for migraines done one week ago. About four days after the Botox treatment, I put in one drop of Zymar eye drops into both eyes for red,... READ MORE

Are Muscle Spasms in Forehead After Botox Treatment for Migraine Normal?

I had my first Botox treatment for migraines two months ago. The areas treated on my forehead were along the hairline and between the brows. One of... READ MORE

Can botox wearing off cause migraines?

Hi, I've recently suffered from my first cycle of migraines. These are awful and don't wish them on anyone. I haven't done anything differently and... READ MORE

After Botox for Migraine, Having Difficulty Swallowing, Chewing and Raising my Head from a Bent Position, Why is this Happening?

The feeling is a cross between lack of control as in dental work (no tingle) and trying to do something physical after strenuous exercise as in trying... READ MORE

Crazy Botox And/or Forehead Muscles? What is Going On? (photo)

I began botox 5 yrs ago, for eyebrow elevation & lines on forehead. Usually I go in every 4 months. The last time, I went in May 2012, here it is... READ MORE

South Carolina Botox for Migraines Doctor Recommendations

I live in Seneca South Carolina and have extremely severe migraine headaches due to two neck surgeries in 1999 and then being rear ended which pinched... READ MORE

Is Botox for Migraines Safe with Crohn's?

I get horrible migraines and have tried everything for them: preventatives, supplements, etc... And nothing helps. My neurologist got approval from my... READ MORE

I Have a Tattoo on the Nape of my Neck, I Just Started Botox Treatment for my Migraines. Ink Is Being Pulled Out, Is This Normal

I have a tattoo on the nape of my neck, I just started botox treatment for my migraines and the ink is starting to pull out. Is that normal for botox?... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Botox After Having Guillian-Barre?

Botox is the only thing that helps my migraines and my severe interstitial cystitis pain. But, before I go back to using them I want to make sure it's... READ MORE

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