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How and Where is Botox Metabolized?

Through which channels is Botox metabolized? I have been trying to find a definitive answer on this, but can only find sources that say it is... READ MORE

Does Dieting & Exercise or Adhd Meds Cause Botox to Wear off Quickly?

I had botox done on my forehead and around my eyes. After about 45 days, those wrinkles had come back. I had been dieting and exercising and I use... READ MORE

Is Xeomine a good alternative to Botox?

I have been getting botox every several months for a few years and it seems to wear off very quickly. I have had it wear off in just a few weeks. I am... READ MORE

Can digestive enzymes taken on an empty stomach metabolize botox?

Occasionally , I take proteolytic enzymes on an empty stomach with the thought that they enter the blood stream and work systemically to improve... READ MORE

Botox refund?

Hi Recently had Botox which went well at first but forehead movement returned within weeks. Had various top ups and then another full session which... READ MORE

HGC diet and Botox?

What about diets such as HGC. Botox is a protein right?? so could the body metabolise Botox if the HGC is in your system at the time ? READ MORE

Botox not effective - I am told I "metabolize" this too quickly

For several years Botox worked quite well for my forehead and eye wrinkles. About 2 years ago it stopped working. I have also tried Xiomen and Dysport... READ MORE

How many CC's of Dysport (I metabolize Botox quickly) in DAO muscle needed to lift corners of mouth? (Photo)

How many cc's are usually needed? Also where is the correct injection site? The first time I was injected it was lower on the face where I marked with... READ MORE

How do the Botox nightmares happen and why? How does it metabolize out of your body?

Is this a error on the parts of the person injecting? these pictures frighten me to the point of not wanting to try it. Trying to get some... READ MORE

I have a question about the use of a 1mm derma roller in conjunction with Botox .

I realize the the 1mm derma roller will not penetrate deeper enough to effect themail facial muscle where the botox is. However, will the increased... READ MORE

Through which enzyme system is Botox metabolised? Guessing P450?

Ive been inducing my phase 2 enzymes with substances like curcumen and sulphoraphane (and moderate alcohol consumption to completely honest) and have... READ MORE

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