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Botox and Filler While on Antibiotic Medications?

I am getting Botox and filler between my brow ("11" lines) in two days. I am on a strong antiobiotic (Metronidazole and also... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Take Normal Medications After Getting Botox? Like Allergy Medication?

I suffer from allergies and wanted to know if it is OK to take something like Benadryl after getting Botox injections in my forehead. I think it is ok... READ MORE

How Long To Wait For Botox Injections After Medrol Medication?

Is there a waiting period between getting botox injections after finishing Medrol 4 mg pak? I recently had posion ivy and was put on this medication... READ MORE

Minocycline for Adult Acne. Will This Interact Badly with Botox?

I'm 30 years old and take Minocycline to control my acne. Although I know its not GREAT to take antibiotics for a long time, I do know if I stop... READ MORE

Can I Have Botox if I Am on Humira for Arthritis?

I inject myself once every two weeks with Andalimubab (Humira) for arthritis . Have had botox in the past whilst on this with no ill effects, but... READ MORE

Could I Have Post-Botox Side Effects Due to Taking Gabapentin?

Could the Drug Gabapentin Have Interacted with Botox and Caused the Eyebrow to Lower, Numbness and Headaches? READ MORE

I Have Dermatomyositis, Scleroderma & Reynauds. Is Botox Safe? Also Have Spinal Injury.

I have undifferentiated connective tissue disease and though dermatomyositis (gottrons papules on hands, muscle & joint pain, no muscle wasting)... READ MORE

Will my medication of Trazadone, valium and campral (acamprosate) effect my Botox and Juvederm fillers I got done today?

I just wanted to know how and if one or the other of these medications could affect one or both. I have only taken some valium but would really need a... READ MORE

What Medication Can I Use to Lessen Eyelid Swelling Caused by Botox?

What Medication Can I Use to Lessen Eyelid Swelling Caused by Botox? READ MORE

Can I take ciprofloxacin hydrochloride 500 MG twice daily if I just had BOTOX and Juvederm voluma?

For bladder infection what meds can I take not to Interfere with my BOTOX and filler READ MORE

Is Botox Safe While on Cartia XT Medication?

Can I do Botox if I take Cartia XT (120mg- 1x a day)? I have called my cardiologist but they have not gotten back to me. That was more than a week ago... READ MORE

Dry Eye Medication with Botox?

Dear Dr. I was wondering if having botox done on my eyebrow while getting treatment for my dry eye would be a problem Such as Steroidal drops or any... READ MORE

Muscle between eyebrows getting bunched up/angry look?

I developed a tic from medication over the last few months that involves me contracting/making frown gesture with my eyebrows. I noticed the muscle... READ MORE

Can I take cough medicine (Bromfed DM) without it causing side effects?

I received Botox on 2/21/14, and have had no side effects. I read online that Bromfed DM "may increase certain side effects such as dry mouth, blurred... READ MORE

Does taking amitriptyline 10mg affect Botox?

I.e reduces the lasting effects of Botox? READ MORE

Could Taking Nuvigil and Deplin Interact with the Effectiveness of Botox?

Could Taking Nuvigil and Deplin Interact with the Effectiveness of Botox? READ MORE

Is it safe to use Botox treatment for migraines if my immune system is suppressed?

I was diagnosed with auto immune hepititas April of 2013 I am currently on budesonide , ursidiol , azasan. I am having migraines 2-3 times a week. READ MORE

Can Botox to the upper lip impair the function to inhale asthma medication?

I am 42 and I have noticed that my lip wrinkles are becoming more and more noticeable. Recently I underwent lip augmentation with Restylane, but this... READ MORE

I have been having Botox for a number of years. It used to work brilliant on me but not for the last 2 years

I have been having botox for a number of years and it used to work brilliant on me but for the last 2 years I have tried 3 different products and it... READ MORE

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