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Lower Eyebrows for Men? (photo)

Hi i was born with extremely high arched eyebrows. I am a male but my eyebrows are way to feminine. I wanted a more masculine look with lower eyebrows... READ MORE

How Much Can Botox Lower a Brow?

By how many millimeters can Botox lower eyebrows? I'd like to lower my eyebrows by as much as a centimeter. If not, would an endoscopic reverse... READ MORE

Crease Too High After Asian Eyelid Surgery- Can I Use Botox To Lower Eyebrows to Push Down High Upper Eyelid Line?

I had asian eyelid surgery and was left with crease that are too high,asymmetric,w/ hollowness. I found a great ocuplastic surgeon who filled my UL... READ MORE

I Had Some Botox in my Forehead 5 Days Ago and I've Noticed my Eyebrows Are Slightly Lower. Will It Get Better?

My eyebrows are slightly lower and it looks like I'm frowning when I'm relaxed. I've also noticed a v shaped lump on my forehead just above the area... READ MORE

Dr for Botox Eyebrows?

Hello I wanted to ask all you kind doctors which specified field plastic surgeon should i look for to lower my eyebrows with botox (The best field for... READ MORE

Can Botox lower my upper lip?

My teeth show a lot when my face is resting and I'm assuming it is because I have a very short philtrum. Because of this, I have to force close my... READ MORE

Can Botox be used to lower upper lip?

Not necessarily to correct a gummy smile but to lower the upper lip so that the mouth closes comfortable when face is a rest? READ MORE

Is it possible to lower my lips like this? (Photo)

My teeth show a lot, and i like the way i look when i lower my lips line this. What type of procedure should i consider? Would botox work? READ MORE

What are the side effects of lowering eyebrows using Botox?

Are there any side effects of lowering my eyebrows using botox, as has been recommended to me on this site. I already have quite heavy eyelids... READ MORE

Is this mistake going to be permanent?

I just had botox two weeks ago and not only do I feel my eyebrows lowered a bit but my mom also says my eyes will go cross eyed at times. I'm scared.... READ MORE

Can I get forehead Botox before hairline transplantation or hairline lowering surgery?

I'm 26 years old and have naturally high hairline but I had hairline transplant and I would like to lower my hairline more than I got with my previous... READ MORE

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