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Can Too Much Botox Cause Eyebrows to Drop?

I have been getting Botox for about 4 years and everything has been great. This time when I got it, it made my one eyelid look like it was a double... READ MORE

Side Effects of Prolonged & Repeated Injection of Botox?

I am 56 years old and had my first botox injection on my face. My concern is if I get my botox fix every 4 months from now onwards, can my facial... READ MORE

What Happens After Botox Cosmetic Wears Off?

One of my girlfriends told me she heard that Botox Cosmetic can actually make your wrinkles look worse after the Botox injections wear off.  Is... READ MORE

Botox Long-Term Side Effects?

There are botox support groups that discuss the strangest side effects and I really do worry. They mention ringing ears, muscle pain, anxiety attacks.... READ MORE

Does Botox Offer Long Term Benefits?

Is Botox a pause button? And does it retrain muscles to the extent that I will have less visible wrinkles upon cessation of Botox cosmetic? I assume... READ MORE

Does Botox Cause the Injected Muscles to Weaken over Time?

Will injecting Botox cause the affected muscle to weaken over time? Will the muscle regain full strength or will it stay in the weakened state? READ MORE

Can Repeated Use of Botox Jaw Reduction Lead to the Sagging of the Masseter Muscles Overtime? (photo)

Since I am informed that botox is used to weaken muscle, does this effect lead to a sagging jawline overtime with age? I am in between an oval and... READ MORE

Permanent Paralysis w/ Long-Term Botox Use?

If botox is being used on a regular basis to paralyze the facial muscles, will it eventually cause permanent facial paralysis? READ MORE

After Several Years of Botox Use Does Your Body Develop a Resistance to the Product? Botox Seems Less Effective with Time.

After Several Years of Botox Use Does Your Body Develop a Resistance to the Product? Botox Seems Less Effective with Time. READ MORE

Long term effects of botox? (photo)

I have deep creases that extend down into my checks. I've had this my entire life, but as i've gotten older, they are becoming more prominent. I was... READ MORE

Will Botox Ever Cause Deformities or Permanent Bruising or Muscle Destruction if Used on a Long-long-term?

I just had botox done a few weeks ago and im only 21 years old , I do them for assymetry but im wondering if used for 20-30 years maybe , and... READ MORE

I'm considering getting Botox to the eye area but worried about side effects after years of use? What are the risks? (photo)

I'd like my eyebrows to not be so flat, and the corner of my eye look more lifted. Could you please explain to me a little about botox, and the... READ MORE

Botox causes muscle atrophy over long term use, is this true?

I've read that getting Botox long term causes the muscles to atrophy thus having the reverse intended effect making the patient appear older. Is this... READ MORE

Since toxin exposure is a possible cause of Parkinsons (PD), does using Botox Cosmetic increase the chances of developing PD?

Parkinsons (PD) runs in my family, so I have a slightly increased chance of getting it. Credible medical sites suggest increased exposure to certain... READ MORE

Volume loss after long term use of botox around upper cheek area. Can I regain?

I've had botox for 12yrs in my forehead & since 30,crows feet with a tiny amount under my lower eye lids.Today I saw one of the UK's top non... READ MORE

Will regular botox injections over the next few decades really minimize signs of aging in the face?

I'm 28 and have been getting botox for 1.5 years; roughly every 4 months. For now, I only get 20 units and it's only in my forehead, but when I'm a... READ MORE

Long Term Results with Botox?

Hello, I have been very prudent with my 4 Botox sessions for masseter reduction for the past year or so. I have seen considerable changes, especially... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Correct a Droppy Eyebrow and Eyelid Longterm?

I had Botox injections to decease wrinkles in my brow twelve years ago. I now have a slight droppy right eyebrow and a more noticable droppy right eyelid. READ MORE

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