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How Many Times Jaw Botox to Make It Permanent?

I want to make it permanent or come back longer READ MORE

Is jawline slimming using botox temporary?

HELP! I have a square face due to thick jaw muscle . Can the effect of few sessions of botox injections last forever or do i need to continue taking... READ MORE

How long will Botox last in crows' feet?

Hello, I had 3 units (one shot each side) of botox injected for each crows' feet area. I noticed that the injector injector a bit closer to my eye... READ MORE

I Do Not Have Lasting Botox Results. What Are my Alternatives?

I do not seem to have lasting effects from Botox-type injections. I do see an improvement but it typically lasts no more than a month or two, and by... READ MORE

Is Micro Botox less lasting than regular botox ?

Since micro botox has been diluted and is injected in smaller amounts , how long will the results last compared to botox beeing injected for muscle... READ MORE

Average Length of Time Botox Lasts?

I've had Botox and Dysport once each since last January in the glabellar lines and forehead lines. It seems that after 8 weeks much of the movement is... READ MORE

How long does 2 units of Botox last?

I decided to get Botox for the first time for my crows feet. since the lines only appear when I smile, the doctor recommended only 2 units of Botox... READ MORE

I have wrinkles in my forehead and hate them. Is botox a quick fix and will it last a long time?

I have had a doubles eye lift to help with my vision. I still have the lines on my forehead. I am 39 and they appeared last year. I think they showed... READ MORE

How can I improve the look of my flat eyebrows and heavy eyelids? (Photo)

I'm 32 and have been getting Botox 4x/year since I was 28. My automatic "resting" expression is now to have my eyebrows slightly raised - because of... READ MORE

Could You Please Tell Me How Long the Effects of Botox in the Jaw Muscle for TMJ Will Last?

Just over a couple of months ago I had my upper and lower jaw muscles injected with botox to relieve the symptoms of TMJ, however about 2 weeks after... READ MORE

Duration of Results for Botox and Fillers in Frownline and Eye Area?

I have read that longevity for either of these treatments is several months give or take. But I want to know more specifically what that means. Does... READ MORE

What lasts longer, botox or xeomin?

What lasts longer, botox or xeomin? Thank you READ MORE

How do I treat Platysmal Bands when I'm too young for a neck lift and don't want to keep shelling out money for Botox? (Photo)

I'm only 31 and have relatively really nice facial skin but my Platysmal Bands make my neck look 71 not 31. I think they are pretty extreme for my age... READ MORE

Does taking amitriptyline 10mg affect Botox?

I.e reduces the lasting effects of Botox? READ MORE

Is it normal for Botox effect to last 8 months?

I have done a Botox treatment in my forehead and cheeks and I heard the effect should be completely gone by 6 months, now it's been 8 months , the... READ MORE

Why would botox last so much longer on my 11's than on my forehead? Is this the norm?

Got my first botox treatment in Aug and am wondering if it is supposed to work equally in all locations. READ MORE

Do I have hyperactivity of the orbicularis oris? Will botox/dysport fix my hidden top dry lip? (Photo)

When I press down above my lip, more of my 'dry' lip is visible & i would love this to be permanent. Ive had juviderm b4 but this gave me a trout... READ MORE

My neurologist is recommending Botox. I know that he says the treatments need to be done about every 3 mos - but for how long?

Exactly how long would these 3 month treatments need to last? Is it different for everyone? My shots would be at each side of my temple and one in my... READ MORE

Is Dysport or Botox better?

I was wondering which is the better choice Dysport or Botox? Which one acts quicker and lasts longer? READ MORE

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