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Botox and Restylane Results Affected by Alcohol?

3 months ago, I had Botox and Restylane (lips). I've had them many times before successfully. This time, though, I went out that same night and... READ MORE

Hollow Wrinkle Between Lower Lip and Chin?

Hello and thank you doctors for this forum! I'm about to be 39 & want botox in between my eyebrows. Can any of you tell me what the name of the... READ MORE

I Frown Without Even Realizing It, How Can I Stop This Worried, Angry and Concerned Facial Expression of Mine? (photo)

I have recently been told at work and even when out with friends I have a worried, angry and/or concerned facial expression even though I am not... READ MORE

How Many Botox Units Are Needed for Upper Lip Plumping?

I've heard that you can use Botox around the upper lip to make the fuller. How many units does that take? READ MORE

Is Botox Ever Permanent?

I have a tendency to squint or have my eyes closed while pictures are being taken and a pretty gummy smile. In October, I had Botox injections around... READ MORE

At what age can you get lip botox? Is it possible to get lip fillers at the age of 16?

I am 16 and want to get lip botox because I am unhappy with how my lips look, my top lips is really small and would like to even my top lip to my... READ MORE

What do Botox injections in lips do?

I realize that Botox isn't a filler but I have heard of some people getting Botox injected into the lips. Can this provide an overall smoother lip?... READ MORE

Botox in Lips Causing Weak Upper Lip

I had Botox in my lip. For how long do I have to suffer the weakness in my lip?? READ MORE

Can Botox Be Used to Make Lips Appear Slightly Smiling Position (Curve Upwards) Than Appear Sad Position (Curve Downwards)?

Can Botox Be Used to Make Lips Appear Slightly Smiling Position (Curve Upwards) Than Appear Sad Position (Curve Downwards)? READ MORE

Is Botox or Filler Better for Correcting Lip Asymmetry?

I have a genetic condition the has resulted in one side of my face growing shorter than the other. I've had jaw realignment, which has drastically... READ MORE

Does Position Matter For Botox Injection?

I've seen it advertised to have patients lie in the Trendelenburg position while administering Botox. Supposedly the blood flowing to the face... READ MORE

Lip Incompetence and Mentalis Strain- Easiest Way to Fix? (photo)

I can't close my lips at rest. I have to consciously push them together, and when I do, I get mentalis strain. I had braces years ago and my bite is... READ MORE

My smile has completely changed after Botox on forehead, frown lines, crows feet, & under eyes. Any suggestions? (photo)

My top lip doesnt lift enough. When smiling with lips together it looks normal but when smiling or laughing with lips apart my top lip isnt... READ MORE

Botox Moving Around Face Causing Swelling, Blurry Vision, High BP

Opthamologist thinks vision is blurry/changing b/c eyes are extremely dry. GP thinks I'm having a bad allergic reaction-2 Claritin/day helps. I... READ MORE

What is the Minimum Duration Reported for Fillers and Botox?

I have had lip injections (twice) with beautiful initial results. However within two weeks, my lips were back to their normal size with the visible... READ MORE

Botox That Left There Upper Lip Lift Up More???

I had botox for crows feet, now my upper lip is uneven, not sure if the left side of my lip is lifting up more, or my right side is sagging??? has... READ MORE

Can Botox in the Forehead Cause a Numb Feeling in the Lips?

I had 14 injections a week ago in my forehead. Now, as it is taking effect, I'm also noticing a slight numbness in my lips - sort of like after... READ MORE

Location of Botox Injection for Smokers Lines?

Exactly where in the lips or lip area is Botox injected for smokers lines? READ MORE

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