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Can Smile Lines Be Treated with Botox?

If someone has really pronounced smile lines on the face, how can they be treated? READ MORE

Eyebags Worse After Botox?

Will Botox to crows feet make the bags and lines under the eyes look worse, as they  were not treated before? I have heard that Botox to crows... READ MORE

How long after Botox, can I have sunbathing ?

I am having botox for the first time to my forehead, forne line and crows feet. How long after can I sunbathe? If I can't sunbathe after then why not? READ MORE

Will Botox Work for Lines Under the Eyes?

I am not concerned with my crows feet as much as the lines that are under my eyes. They are deep even when I am not smiling, which is when they are... READ MORE

Botox Left Lines Above my Eyebrows? (photo)

I had botox injected to the frown area between my eyebrows, around the crow's feet and in my forehead. The Dr. said he could not inject above my... READ MORE

Chin Area: Botox/fillers?

Hi, I'm 36 and for two years I have been getting botox shots for crow's feet and bunny lines, last time I also had filler for corners of mouth. Very... READ MORE

Is Botox Ever Permanent?

I have a tendency to squint or have my eyes closed while pictures are being taken and a pretty gummy smile. In October, I had Botox injections around... READ MORE

Best Option for Lines on Chest Caused by Sleeping on my Side?

I have used some topical lotions and creams that claimed to erase the lines over time, but I want a longer lasting, ideally a permanent solution. I... READ MORE

Botox for Forehead Lines on a 21 Year Old?

I am 21 years old, I scrunch my forehead a lot without knowing it and have lines now. Should I get Botox on it to relive the lines a little bit. Would... READ MORE

Devil Lines on my Forehead? (photo)

Hi, I got botox (+ maybe restylane) in Feb 2012 on forehead, and still had a lil movement in the middle of my FH that looked strange. So I went back 2... READ MORE

Alternative for Someone Allergic to Botox?

I am terribly allergic to Botox and have deep furrows in my forehead. What can I do? I have tried Botox 5+ times each with a different doctor so I am... READ MORE

Botox - Are the Lines Supposed to Completely Disappear? AND my First Shot Lasted One Month

Thanks in for your time and courtesy on answering my questions. I had my first treatment of Botox for a line that goes across the bridge of my nose... READ MORE

Botox and Retin-A?

My frown lines (the 11s) were very bad a few months ago, but since recently starting Retin-A .1% (applying a good dab on these 11s nightly), I started... READ MORE

How long does it take for wrinkles to fade after first botox injection?

I got my first procedure done today (Botox 26 units) and the RN said it would take an entire year to see any of the wrinkles disappear. After reading... READ MORE

Does Botox Work on Chest Lines?

I was told by a prominent dermatologist who's always in the news, that Botox can eradicate chest lines. Is it true? READ MORE

I’m 28, Can I Use Botox and What is the Side Effect of Botox in Young Age?

I’m 28 and some forehead lines appear on my face, can a doctor tell me that are you recommending me to use Botox? What will be the said effect of t... READ MORE

Botox for Deep Line on Nose Tip?

Can I get Botox injected to the tip of my nose to get rid of a deep line? My nose that looks like a butt or do I have to get surgery? READ MORE

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