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Will Botox Get Rid of Neck Bands?

Hello, I have had "necklace bands" or those horizontal lines that go all the way around my neck since childhood. Now they have deepened and... READ MORE

At a Physician Owned Medi-Spa, is a Registered Nurse Allowed to Administer Botox Without Ever Being Evaluated or Seen by the M.D

I live in CA where "Medi-Spas" are everywhere. I recently had Botox by an RN, leaving me with an inquisitive look on the right side of my... READ MORE

What is the Earliest I Can Have Botox After CO2 Laser Treatment?

I have had my second CO2 laser treatment on Monday 12th November. I had my botox and fillers booked for Friday 16th November however they are now... READ MORE

I Want to Become a Medical Esthetician?

I am a high school student, I am interested in becoming a medical esthetician, What does this job imply? I am interested in laser hair removal, Botox... READ MORE

40 y/o - Botox, filler, or laser for (really) angry 11s? (Photo)

I am 40 and have deep angry 11's I absolutely HATE. I want to soften them significantly but not so much that it's glaringly obvious or that I can't... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait after IPL/microdermabrasion to do Botox?

I want to do botox on my face. I have a gift certificcate. I also have a package for the IPL and microdermabrasion. How should I schedule these? How... READ MORE

36 y/o female with marionette lines at rest. Can this be treated with Botox, filler, or lasers/peels? (Photo)

I have noticed in the last couple years that my laugh lines have gotten worse. On a positive note, I guess that means I smile a lot. However, I fell... READ MORE

Botox and Sculptra - Can I Use Palo Visa Home Laser?

If You Have Botox and Sculptra, Can You Use the New Palo Visa Home Laser? READ MORE

Will I regain ability to move my brows before Botox wears off?

Received Botox a week ago on my forehead 32 units. my whole face has changed- brows dropped and drooped eyelids. Returned to my doc and prescribed a... READ MORE

How soon can I get a Botox after laser Genesis treatment?

I want to get a Botox but how soon can I get it to be consider safe after laser treatment? READ MORE

What are my options for the wrinkles under my eyes? Where can Botox be administered? (photos)

Hi, As you can see from my picture, I don't have crows feet so much as I have horizontal under eye wrinkles. I had one unit of Botox placed right in... READ MORE

I have swelling under my eyes and on my cheeks(cheekbones). How do I know if it is from Botox or from laser treatment? (Photo)

I had Botox for crows feet injection and a session of KTP laser done yesterday to reduce redness from rosacea. I woke up swollen under my eyes and... READ MORE

Botox or PRP or threads

Hi I'm 32 -under my eyes is dark dose PRP help or laser? -My checks is dropping also my lips corner started to drop.PRP or threads is better ? I know... READ MORE

Do I need to do botox on my upper lip and around my eyes before doing a co2 laser procedure? (photo)

Right now I only do botox on my forehead and the line between my eyes. I am 50, fair skin, & I have wrinkles around my eyes and upper lip. I was told... READ MORE

Will these under eye wrinkles and bags caused by Botox ever go away? Six months and counting. (photos)

I got botox in April. I went to a really well known and successful doctor; Missy Clifton. I woke up the next day with swelling in my upper lids, and... READ MORE

36 year old female: fraxel, botox or something else? (Photos)

Over the last 3 years my forehead skin has gone from mostly clear to thickened with horizontal creases. I have also struggled with breakouts through... READ MORE

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