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Jaw Reduction Using Botox - How Are the Results?

Can the face change dramatically if botox injections were used to reduce the jaw and slim the face? does it give similar results to jaw shaving? READ MORE

How to Minimize Rectangular/square Face or Strong Jaw Bone?

Hi I have a very strong jaw bone, they make my face look square/rectangle. They are so strong that it makes me look hollow in the cheek. are there... READ MORE

Would Smoking, Drinking or Spicy Foods Affect Botox Results?

I just had botox done to masseter, just wondering if smoking or drinking will affect the result, I was told spicy food and seafood are also banned for... READ MORE

What is the Correct Way to Inject Botox for Jaw/masseter Contouring?

I had botox (Allergan brand) 20 units per side, about 2 weeks ago. But I dont see any slimming on my jaw area. I asked the doctor how deep is he... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Clench Your Teeth in an Effort to Make Jaw Muscles Bigger and Achieve This?

I'm just curious, I've been clenching my jaw (not very hard, just keeping it tight) since the beginning of the year and my jaw muscles seem to have... READ MORE

How is Botox Used to Reduce the Jaw Muscle?

Can botox be used to reduce, rather than enlarge or enhance, the jaw muscle? How natural is the final visual effect? READ MORE

Botox or Dysport for Jaw Slimming?

How can you tell if dysport will make a difference in slimming the jaw. My face is oval with the exception of an angled jaw. When I clenched my teeth... READ MORE

Jaw Pain and Difficulty with Opening the Mouth Post-Botox

I had Botox for the first time, and got a bit too much on the mouth area. My jaw is sore, and I really try not to talk very much. Eating is okay, as... READ MORE

How Can I Tell if I Need Botox in my Masseter Muscle?

Hi, I have a very large jaw and was thinking of having it reduced by Botox in my masseter muscle. How do I know if this will be successful for me, ie... READ MORE

How Many Times Jaw Botox to Make It Permanent?

I want to make it permanent or come back longer READ MORE

Botox for Bulky Unilateral Masseter Muscle?

My left masseter muscle is much larger than my right. Could Botox help? I'm just worried my left masseter will end up smaller than my right. READ MORE

Side Effects of Botox Injections for TMJ?

I had Botox injections in my face due to TMJ problems. My TMJ was caused due to trama to my face a year and a half ago. My oral surgeon injected... READ MORE

Can Botox Permanently Correct Jaw Asymmetry Due to Masseter Hypertrophy?

I've been reading that the effects of Botox on the masseter are long lasting but not permanent. Also, increased use of the masseter muscle can... READ MORE

Botox for Square Jaw Reduction and Face Seems Distorted Now

Hi i had 40 units botox for square jaw reduction 3 weeks ago. This is the second time im doing it after 2 years. However, this time results are not... READ MORE

Botox Injection Possible on 1 Side of Jaw?

I have a prominent jawline on one side of my face and had Botox on both jaws before. On the side with the larger jaw, I noticed that its masseter... READ MORE

Bulging Jaw Muscle a Common Botox Side Effect?

The day after botox to my jaw, my muscle bulges out more in a weird direction. My doctor says I may need another dose of botox. Is this a common... READ MORE

Can Repeated Use of Botox Jaw Reduction Lead to the Sagging of the Masseter Muscles Overtime? (photo)

Since I am informed that botox is used to weaken muscle, does this effect lead to a sagging jawline overtime with age? I am in between an oval and... READ MORE

Botox for Jaw Clenching/Bruxism on Young Patient with Small Jaw?

I am 29 y/o and am curious about Botox to treat the severe pain that I'm in at work and during the day. I have a small, feminine face, and am fearful... READ MORE

Can I Reduce the Top of my Head and my Jaws? Has Been Swollen My Whole Life.

The two top sides of my head, above my ears and beside my forehead have always been swollen out as long as i can remember. i have noticed an increase... READ MORE

Recently Had Botox for Jaw Slimming - One Side of Face is Now Tighter

And now one side of my face is contracted tighter than the other side. Does that mean that the Dr. injected more to one side? READ MORE

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