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Will Insurance Cover a person's Botox Injections?

Have terrible deep lines and it affects a person ability to get good paying jobs. READ MORE

Does Insurance Cover Botox or Not?

I have heard both information that insurance covers Botox and that it doesn't. I was hoping to get some clarification on this subject, and how well... READ MORE

Botox for Hemifacial Spasm Covered by Insurance?

I will be having botox next month for hemifacial spasm will i have to pay for it? READ MORE

200 Unit Botox Vial Available?

I'm hearing on here that 200 unit vials of BotoX is not available. However, my insurance sent it to me with an RX from PCP for a sweating problem,... READ MORE

Axillary Hyperhydrosis - Is Botox covered by Kaiser Permanente?

I have had successful treatment with Botox for severe Axillary hydrosis which lasted well over a year each treatment. It has been several years and... READ MORE

How much would Medicare reimburse for Botox treatment for post-traumatic dystonia (cervical and thoracic)?

I am asking this question because I am choosing between different insurance options. In order to choose, I need to know my expected costs for medical... READ MORE

Botox vial contamination and handling?

I receive Botox for medical purposes. I prepay for my vials that are delivered to the dr, per insurance protocol My former dr tried to steal $1400/200... READ MORE

Botox For bells palsy? (Photo)

I was diagnosed with Bells palsy almost 3 months ago I still have not Fully recovered and I have Tired It all I have a PPO insurance Will Botox help... READ MORE

Bells Palsy -- PS or Neurologist? Botox & Fillers- insurance coverage? Recommendations? (photos)

I had Bell's palsy 20 years ago, never went back to the same, I recently had Botox and fillers done; I just read that Botox can help me? If so, is... READ MORE

Left eyelid fell a week after Botox for blephorospasm. What are my options based on the facts below?

I received 3 injections around each eye; right done weeks earlier. In years prior a trusted plastic surgeon treated for this & migraines. Per my... READ MORE

How can I find a qualified experienced Botox injector for hyperhidrosis in the hands?

My teenage son has suffered from extremely sweaty palms since he was a young boy. In the past we have asked his dermatologist if there was any... READ MORE

I just received Botox injections to my feet, my dermatologist only did maybe 15 shots to each foot?

How many shots are required for good results , I have suffered for 15 yrs and finally my insurance approved Botox, I feel my dermatologist didn't... READ MORE

Bells Palsy - Any face plastic surgeons in Austin? I understand Botox is covered by my insurance. (Photo)

I prefer a facial plastic surgeons if possible in the 78734 zip code Lakeway/Bee Caves. I preferred a PS. I have a lot of problems with my left eye,... READ MORE

I'm looking for a doctor in Tucson who has experience treating Synkinesis with Botox and fillers and takes insurance.

My cheeks is so tight I can feel in the back of my teeth, my lips are retracted and I bite my lips. My eyebrows are uneven because of an inexperienced... READ MORE

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