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Can a Nurse Do my Botox Cosmetic Injection?

How do you know if a nurse is a safe Botox injector, or legal in your state? READ MORE

Is It Recommended or Safe for Nurses to Administer Botox?

I've noticed that many offices have nurses administer Botox. Is it recommended/safe for nurses to administer Botox or should a physician complete the... READ MORE

How Do I Know if Real Botox is Being Injected?

I was told by a friend to ask the person who is doing it to show me the bottle, but I don't know how it looks like. My friend got something else... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Botox Overdose?

Can I sue a botox injector who gave a higher dose to my daughter and made her face "wonky"? The consultant has now assured us that he will inject her... READ MORE

Possible for Nurses to Get Certified to Inject Botox?

Ive been told that Florida nurses are legally allowed to inject botox if certified? My daughter is interested in the cosmetic side of nursing, she is... READ MORE

Michigan Regulations on Botox Injections?

There is a nurse in my community that is doing injections at a hair salon. There is no doctor's license involved. I even checked on if... READ MORE

Is It Ok for a Medical Technician to Inject Botox or Juvederm?

There is no MD at the "medical spa" I have used. The technician I go to has 10+ years in the industry and most with Botox or Juvederm. What kind of... READ MORE

Is Botox Injection at a Beauty Salon Legal in California?

Thinking about going to my beauty salon to have Botox done, but want to make sure it is legal to administer by a legal doctor in a beauty shop in the... READ MORE

Who is authorized to inject Botox/fillers in Colorado?

I was told by a beauty school that anyone who takes an injection course is authorized... READ MORE

How to Find an Experienced Botox Injector?

How do you know if you are going to someone who is experienced in Botox injections besides asking how long they've been doing it? I'm nervous after... READ MORE

Did I Get Enough Botox?

I only had eight "sticks" between the forehead and the eyebrows. After reading the articles hear, it doesn't sound like I had nearly... READ MORE

Is There Any Talk That Florida Dental Hygienists Can Inject Botox?

I understand Florida Dentists are permitted to inject botox if certified. I see there are courses for Dental Hygienist as well. What are the... READ MORE

Botox Before and After Photos

I'm thinking about getting Botox for my "11" and forehead lines, and I know how import the skill of the injector is. When I look at their before and... READ MORE

Where to inject Botox to lift the brows?

I want my brows towards the inner corner of my eyes to be slightly lifted. Why can't injectors get it right? Usually ends up doing to opposite! READ MORE

Is it normal to bruise like this from Botox? (photos)

3 rd time I went to this injector states it is nothing she is doing? How can I prevent this only happens on right eye READ MORE

Why is my right eye droopy after Botox? How can this be repaired? (photos)

I had botox a year and a half ago. The right eye became droopy and puffy and the left did not. Its been a year and a half now. My eyes were never like... READ MORE

I got Botox 2 months ago. Noticed my cheeks drooped and shape of eyes changed (smaller/sunk in/dark circles) Will this go away?

I've been going to the same injector for 3 years- a highly reputable board certified cosmetic dermatologist. I've always loved the results. I went... READ MORE

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