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What is a Botox Lift or Botox Brow Lift?

I thought that Botox could make your face sag more, so how is a Botox Lift even possible? How does a Botox Brow lift work? READ MORE

How Many Botox Injections for 20 Units?

The nurse told me she had given me 20 units, but she only gave me 4 Botox injections. Is that normal? READ MORE

Extremely Painful Botox Injections

I had my first ever botox injections yesterday and the injections were extremely painful! Is this normal? I read in different fora that they are not... READ MORE

Can Botox in the Masseter Be Permanent and How Is This Muscle Different Than Others?

I had a botox injection into my masseter muscle a week ago, I heard that usually one only needs 2 botox injections to achieve a permanent dystrophy... READ MORE

Does Position Matter For Botox Injection?

I've seen it advertised to have patients lie in the Trendelenburg position while administering Botox. Supposedly the blood flowing to the face... READ MORE

Are There Reported Deaths of People Who've Gotten Botox for Cosmetic Purposes?

Some of the fine print in literature about Botox injections can be pretty scary. Hello, death?Anyone who has received Botox for cosmetic reasons has... READ MORE

How much of a vial of Botox is used per procedure?

I have a clarification question, and I'd like some input from some doctors out there: Botox comes in 100 unit vials. Let's say that one procedure... READ MORE

Should Botox Be Administered While You Are Lying Down or Sitting Upright?

I've had 2 different doctors administer Botox. One indicates it is not acceptable to give the injections to a patient that is lying down. The... READ MORE

How to achieve a Botox brow lift?

I went to a med spa recently because I have hooded eyelids and really wanted a brow lift. She basically injected all around my upper forehead and also... READ MORE

Are pharmacists, legally, allowed to inject BOTOX if they have successfully completed the required course?

I know plastic surgeons "think" pharmacists should not inject BOTOX. I want to know if a pharmacist successfully completes the required course to... READ MORE

Does Botox in the hairline treat anything other then reducing how much you sweat at that site?

I have gotten Botox about 5 times over the last several years for lines on the forehead, between the brows and crows feet. The last two times I got... READ MORE

Only one injection for 20 units of botox?

I have "11s" or two vertical creases between my eyebrows. When I saw previous practitioners for botox they made several injections in and near the... READ MORE

Is Botox the only non surgical procedure for platysma bands? (photo)

Would any other injectable work as well with less risks of side effects READ MORE

Is Botox still effective at the site of a broken blood vessel due to injection?

I just had my regular Botox injections and one of the injections on the forehead must have hit a small blood vessel or something because within half... READ MORE

Is it Normal for a Doctor to Inject Me Once on Each Side for Crows Feet?

This new doctor did one tiny poke on each side!? In the past, I've had little injections near all the lines (5 or 6 on each side)? Did I go to the... READ MORE

25 units of Botox injected in each masseter muscle but see no difference. Do I need more?

I had 25 units of botox injected to each masseter muscle last year, but never saw any significant difference. It did shrink slightly, but not by... READ MORE

Can fillers (botox, sculptra, Restylane) or even Collagen injections help saggy skin above knees?

Can saggy skin above knees be treated with fillers (botox, Restylne, Juvaderm...Collagen..)? Hi, I am thin, athletic, 51 years. I have saggy skin... READ MORE

I have had Botox in forehead and got pimples (small cysts w whiteheads) at the injection sites. Not a rash. Why?

I have seen other posts similar and almost all doctors say it's unrelated to Botox, but it has to be for me. I'm 50, I don't get acne. I have only... READ MORE

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