Indentation + Botox

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How can the indentation on my forehead be treated? (photo)

I am 21 and am rapidly developing indents in my forehead. I am considering botox and dermal fillers READ MORE

Why Do I Have an Indentation in Forehead After Botox?

I see this question was asked, but without any real answer. I, too, have an indentation occurring diagonally right above my left eyebrow all the way... READ MORE

Why Did I Get an Indentation on Forehead After Botox?

A few weeks after receiving botox injections in my forhead, I noticed an indent starting from my left eyebrow up towards the hairline. My doctor said... READ MORE

After 3 Years of Having Botox for Crows Feet I Have Indents Under my Eyes Will They Go Away?

After having Botox at the corner of my eyes I have indents under my eyes a kind of deflated look to the too of my cheeks, my under eye wrinkles are... READ MORE

Will my Indentations Above my Eyebrows After Botox Go Away? (photo)

I got botox in March 2013 and noticed about a month later deep indentations above both my eyebrows. I thought they would eventually fade, but they... READ MORE

Will It Be Botox or Juvederm Causing Divots when I Smile?

I had a small amount of Botox under eye at the same time as Juvederm along the orbital rim to improve under eye area about 8 weeks ago . When I smile... READ MORE

Indent and New Lines After Botox Treatment

After having a Botox treatment, I now have a deep indentation in the right side of my forehead, a deep line running from the middle of my eyebrows to... READ MORE

Long Forehead Indentations After Botox? (photo)

Last summer I had a chemical brow lift performed by a plastic surgeon in the Toronto area. Absolutely hated the results and had to wait for it to wear... READ MORE

Botox Left Indentation?

I've use botox for my forehead side of eyes but it made a deep indentation on my smile line READ MORE

Help! Brow looks (and even feels) heavy and weighted down, eyes/eyebrows look heavy. Any way to look normal again?

Had botox for the first time about 4 weeks ago. Crows feet first (which I loved the results!!) then about 2 weeks after I had injections to smooth my... READ MORE

Indentations in forehead after Botox. Could it be a collapsed vein? (Photo)

With in the next week after having Botox indentations and a look of spreading with darker color in spots taking place.I went back to the spa where the... READ MORE

Indents in forehead after Botox. Will they ever go away? (photo)

Last March 2013 while getting Botox to forehead region, the dr hit a nerve right next to my right eyebrow. The photos depict 3 indentations on my... READ MORE

Can the puckering effect, noticeable indentations when speaking and eating, be lessened with Botox?

I am a 50 year-old female and am very self-concious about the aging look around my mouth. I also have wrinkles as well. I understand that lines and... READ MORE

Botox effects after 10 years? (Photo)

I have been getting botox for over 10 years on my forehead. It now looks thin and crepe like.I have not hadit done for over 6 months to see improve... READ MORE

Should I be Able to Cause Indentations in my Brow After Botox?

My Dr injected botox into my frown lines 6 wks ago as part of my fractional C02 laser treatment. This smoothed the lines & lifted my brows a... READ MORE

What is causing the indents and discoloration between my brows? I had Botox 6 days ago on forehead and between brows. (Photo)

What is causing the indents and discoloration between my brows? I had Botox 6 days ago on forehead and between brows. There is also a heaviness and... READ MORE

I Got 33 Units of Botox 3 Months Ago to Treat Glabella, 2 Weeks Ago Wide Indentations Started to Form Between my Brows? (photo)

I've never noticed these indentations before, they're below where my old 11 lines were. There's also a round indentation above my left brow. My Dr... READ MORE

Can botox in the glabella region and forehead cause hard under the skin type pimples and indentations?

I had botox injected to fix the '11's' between my eyes, and also in my forehead 2 days ago. I have done my glabella before, but this was the first... READ MORE

Could my Botox be influencing this?

I had a massage today and was face down through most of it. It's been 6 hours later and I still have the lines and major imprints on my forehead from... READ MORE

Botox to fix cobblestone chin is now an indented bump. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had Botox done for the first time yesterday to fix the cobblestone look of my chin that has bothered me for years. I wanted the filler Juvederm... READ MORE

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