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Immune to Botox?

I am 53 years old and I have had Botox injections on 5 separate occasions from 5 different board certified doctors hoping that I would see results. I... READ MORE

Can Botox Cause/exacerbate Lupus or Hypothyroidism or Weaken Your Immune System?

I was told that Botox can weaken your immune system to the point of causing/worsening long term illnesses such as lupus or hypothyroidism. Is it true? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get a Botox While on Immunosupressants After a Kidney Transplant?

I had a kidney transplant surgery 2 months ago. I'm on immunosuppressants. Is it safe for me to have a botox treatment now or later? Thank you. READ MORE

Botox & Dysport No Longer Working as Well, Suggestions?

Botox and Dysport no longer effective on brow area. I've used the same doctor for several years; lately, it's not working as well as it used... READ MORE

Is Myobloc a Good Alternative to Dysport or Botox if Your Immune?

I have had 3 botox and 4 dysport treatments over the years with different reputable doctors and neither have any effect anymore. Only the very first... READ MORE

What Causes Immunity to Botox in a Child with Cerebral Palsy?

My son has CP. He had his first dose of Botox in July 2012 and had absolutely no response. His doctor tells me he believes my son has antibodies which... READ MORE

Can you become immune to Botox?

I am 20 years old and have been having Botox since I was 18 as I had really bad frown lines that bothered me. As I have been having it done from a... READ MORE

Can Botox stop working after regular use?

I've been getting Botox injections for a year and a half now and have always had good results with no movement for up to 3-4 months. My recent Botox... READ MORE

Am I immune to Botox? Or just getting ripped off?

Four different cosmetic offices put botox in my forehead. Not one treatment worked for my horizontal lines even with follow up. The 11's area worked... READ MORE

After 6 months of Botox A "Soft Lift" injections, I'm "non-responsive". Can I safely continue with planned Juvéderm? (photos)

I am 50 years old. I've had several injections of Botox A since September of 2013 and on the last 2 occasions, the first time the effects barely... READ MORE

Can my wife's immune system be suppressed before injections of Botox to reduce her immune response?

My wife has severe migraine headaches. She was treated with Botox starting about two years ago. The first treatment she got worked wonderful. However... READ MORE

Botox doesn't seem to work for me? (Photos)

I received Botox for the first time 3.5 wks ago. Was given 22 units between my eyebrows. After 2 weeks I had 90% mobility back in that area. Went back... READ MORE

Hypertrophy from Caranial Dystonia; Is Botox the Only Option?

I'm being treated for Caranial Dystonia with Botox, and I was wondering if there is a strong enough immunity built up that all variations of the... READ MORE

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