Hypertrophic + Botox

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Excision and Botox for Hypertrophic Cheek Scar?

I have a small, linear hypertrophic scar on my cheek. It blends in well and it's small, but it bothers me a lot still. I have brown skin, 24 years... READ MORE

Annoying Asymmetrical Face - Hypertropia and Crooked Smile? (photo)

Recently i've become more aware of my upturned left eye & smile. When im tired photos can look like I've had a minor stroke! I'm 33, get botox for... READ MORE

Botox treatment to Masseter muscle has caused jowl. Is this permanent?

Last year I had Botox injections (4 in total) to my left masseter to treat hypertrophy. This worked well in reducing the muscle bulk but the last... READ MORE

Zygomaticus hit with Botox - Help! (photos)

My zygomaticus muscles were injected with Botox instead of the masseter. 3 weeks post injections and my smile remains paralyzed and the masseter... READ MORE

Can Botox in the masseter muscle, affect my smile?

I´ve used botox as a treatment for bruxism and hypertrophia of the masseter since 3 years, every 5-6 months. I´ve noticed it works less each time, I g... READ MORE

Do I have masseter hypertrophy? And if so would I benefit from botox? (photo)

I've always had a prominent jaw and cheek bones but I also have a habit of clenching my jaw when I'm stressed. I've been experiencing some on and off... READ MORE

Orbicularis hypertrophy treatment? (Photo)

I've had puffy under eyes for as long as I can remember. They are especially puffy in the morning and tend to get a bit better as the day goes on. I'm... READ MORE

Is it possible to get masseter muscle hypertrophy after botox injection around the eye?

I had a botox injection a round my eyes 3 weeks ago , i did it 3 time before ,this time I visited another Dr. but he injected it a little bit lower... READ MORE

How many units of botox is required to treat masseter hypertrophy where the hypertrophy on the right side jaw is more than left?

Hi. I am opting for botox injection treatment for reducing my jaw masseter muscles (left and right). however the hypertrophy on the right side of my... READ MORE

Hypertrophy from Caranial Dystonia; Is Botox the Only Option?

I'm being treated for Caranial Dystonia with Botox, and I was wondering if there is a strong enough immunity built up that all variations of the... READ MORE

Which is the best solution to my make my face look thinner?

I have a square face.Hypertrophic masseter muscle and a strong jawline which gives me a male kind of apperance.I also have protruded forehead edges... READ MORE

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