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How Long After Treatment of Botox and Fillers Till Your Face Looks Better?

I'm going on hoildays and wondering if there is a period after your treatment that your face needs to look normal READ MORE

Botox: Eyebrow Drooping Versus Eyebrow Arch Raising?

Can you advise what resolves faster: Botox injections that make the eyebrow raise into a high evil-like arch, or Botox injections that make the... READ MORE

How Long After Botox Injection Can You Put Pressure on the Injection Site?

I have had botox put by a scar that is healing i was using therapy compression on scar, I wanted to ask how long after injection can you put the... READ MORE

My eyes are crusty, red and watery after botox in forehead, between my eyes and for crows feet. When will it improve?

My eyes are crusty when I wake up in the morning. I can't wear my contacts anymore or makeup. The symptoms started about 10 days after botox... READ MORE

I had a botox injection in my forehead for my famous "11" yesterday. How long does it take to heal? Can I go in the sun or swim?

I gotta say they're deep. But I noticed 2 lil bump like a mosquito bite size and they're a lil blue should I be concerned about it? How long does... READ MORE

Botox 1 Week Ago. How Long Does it Take to Heal?

Hello there, I recently had botox, about a week ago. 1 unit in lower eyelid, 2 units on crow's feet. (1 unit each spot) I feel slightly swollen, when... READ MORE

Botox caused me PERMANENT damage. I had reconstructive surgery to repair wasted botox muscles. Does my healing look ok? (photo)

17 months ago, at age 28, I made the biggest mistake of my life: 21 units of Botox in my forehead. I did NOT have filler or get "fake" Botox. U of M... READ MORE

How long are botox toxins in your body? Do they diminish at once, or gradually over time?

Do botox toxins leave within a few days and the results last for months or do the toxins also last for months? If so, do they diminish at once or is... READ MORE

Will the Botox slow the healing process or cause complications to my wound? (Photo)

I hit my head and got a nice 1" long and 1/4" deep would. I should have got stiches, but my insurance isn't the best. I also have botox injection READ MORE

Botox to forehead 3 days after upper blepharoplasty (skin removal only), safe or can it cause overtightness to the eyelids?

I would like to perform Botox to my forehead, mainly for the frown lines, but I'm wondering if some Botox is applied above the brows, particularly the... READ MORE

I got Botox across my forehead/between my brows 24 hrs ago and have swelling today. Can I do strenuous exercise this evening?

This was my 3rd time getting Botox but first time with any issues. I woke up with swelling between my brows (Like a hump where a unibrow would be)--so... READ MORE

Do I need to do botox on my upper lip and around my eyes before doing a co2 laser procedure? (photo)

Right now I only do botox on my forehead and the line between my eyes. I am 50, fair skin, & I have wrinkles around my eyes and upper lip. I was told... READ MORE

Dry and gritty eyes after Botox (azzalure)?

So 2 days ago I took the plunge and got Botox (azzalure), since then my eyes have been quite dry and feeling gritty, optitions yesterday confirmed my... READ MORE

Botox injected between my brows about 3 months ago. My bruise healed but I am still swollen. Any idea why or when I will heal?

Any idea why or when I will heal? I was injected by a very experienced PA that currently trains for Allergan and Botox. To provide further information... READ MORE

Can Botox injections help minimize my arm lift scars during healing?

I read that wounds in animated areas, can heal better if botulinum toxin is injected. Can BOTOX injections help minimize my arm lift scars during... READ MORE

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