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How Much Does Botox Cost for Gummy Smile?

I have a "gummy smile" and I learned that you can get Botox injected into the muscle to relax your upper lip so it covers your gums when you... READ MORE

Smile is ruined from Botox! What went wrong? (photos)

I saw a different Dr for Botox who recommended 2.5 units on each side of my nose for my gummy smile and also put 5-8 (?)units Botox in my chin (placed... READ MORE

Botox to fix gummy smile gone wrong please help! Lengthened and flattened top lip. (photos)

I got 2.5 units in either side to fix a 'gummy smile'. I did not notice a big difference so about 6 days later i saw the doctor again and got a... READ MORE

I Have a Gummy Smile Will Botox Help?

I have been offered gum surgery but am concerned my teeth will look really long, what are my options? Wou;ld botox be better? READ MORE

Gummy Smile After Botox to Freeze Upper Lip? (photo)

I went for Botox to numb my upper lips in Dallas.she is skin care MD n offers Botox treatments too.she put 7.5 units of Botox on three points .1 in... READ MORE

I did Botox a week ago for gummy smile and now upper lip goes down and is looking bad? How can I fix it? (Photos)

My uber lip goes down and looking bad! I had nice smile my gummy wasn't so clear only little bit when I smile from lift side READ MORE

I had botox to fix my gummy smile. Is it normal for my smile to be crooked? (Photo)

Its been 7 days since I got my first injection with Botox to fix my gummy smile.. I got injected with 10 units of botox and now I have a crocked smile... READ MORE

Does Botox for gummy smile make the upper lip longer at rest?

I have a long upper lip, but I also have a gummy smile. My upper lip contracts too much when I smile showing my gums. I'd like to get botox to prevent... READ MORE

I had botox six weeks ago for my dimple chin and gummy smile. Now my chin pad feels funny and swollen at times. (Photo)

Hello I had about 6 weeks ago 14 units each side in my chin, just next to the "mental crease" I have above the mentalis muscle. Anyhow all is and was... READ MORE

Levator Labii (gummy smile) Botox. Can it be reversed? (Photo)

My smile is nice and wide and shows no gum. But when I am doing an eyes closed kind of huge laugh, either side of my lip would peak and show a little... READ MORE

I have a gummy smile. How long do I need to notice any change?

I have a gummy smile, yesterday I took the first Botox injections in my upper lips, after 12 hours I did not notice any change how long do I need to... READ MORE

Are Botox injections near nostril the only way to treat gummy smile or can injections across top lip help as well? (Photo)

I had Botox a second time for gummy smile. The first time, 8 units were injected close to my nose in 2 spots. This time, 8 units were injected across... READ MORE

Can a gummy smile treatment be fixed?

I had botox for the first time at 23 to treat a gummy smile 5 days ago. I requested the smallest dose to see if I liked it. She injected in 5 places.... READ MORE

I was injected botox incorrectly when it will gradually wear off?

I was injected wrongly for a nose lift in the sides of the nose the points of the gummy smile my lips are flattened and i have 2 small swelling balls... READ MORE

Did my doctor inject too much Botox?

I had botox for my gummy smile 10 days ago and I look horrible and nothing like myself. My lip is too low and flat and my outer cheeks are pushing up... READ MORE

Botox for gummy smile: What's the effect on other facial expressions, especially mouth movement while talking? (photo)

I'm worrying that once I treat the gummy smile issue, I can not make any "big" smiles. Also, I'm wondering how the facial expression will be affected,... READ MORE

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