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I Had Botox in my Masseters 2 Days Ago, when I Can Expect to Notice Any Effect? (photo)

I had botox injected into my masseters for jaw reduction and to stop my clenching and grinding two days ago. I don't see or feel any change yet. Can... READ MORE

Through Grinding my Teeth my Masseter Muscle Has Increased? Will It Decrease in Time?

Im 18 years old and have trouble with grinding my teeth at night . I now have a mouth guard to wear through the night to prevent this. My question is... READ MORE

Dental Botox for teeth grinding. Bruxism. WIll it change the look of my face at all?

I would love to have Botox to stop my teeth grinding . I have spent a fortune on my teeth over the years and I am extremely harsh on them. I even bite... READ MORE

Am I a suitable candidate for Botox in the masseter muscle? (photos)

I feel my face is very round and my jaw is large. I really want a more heart shaped, defined face. Would I be suitable for Botox in my jaw/masseter... READ MORE

Botox for teeth grinding for 20 year old?

Hi doctors, I have developed an awful teeth grinding problem (tmjd) that has put my life on hold. I cannot go to the gym, play sports or even eat a... READ MORE

Will Botox help my jaw relax while I'm asleep and stop the grinding that's damaging my teeth?

My doctor suggested botox because I'm grinding my teeth so badly in my sleep that I've cracked a molar in 2 places and now have to get a crown. Will... READ MORE

The doctor missed the target Massiter muscle but pumped 25 units of Botox in my face. I am horrified of what will develop?

I recently had Botox injections for Massiter reduction/teeth grinding. The doctor injected 25/25 units. When he injected the left side said "I'm sorry... READ MORE

I Got Botox Injected For TMJ, A Week After My Master Muscle Is In So Much Pain Than Before! Any suggestions?

I grind & clench my teeth, so I developed some TMJ Issues, which was mostly ear problem, tried alot of things, nothing really worked, then I got botox... READ MORE

Should Botox for Bruxism be injected by a cosmetic dentist or doctor and how much Botox is usually injected? (photos)

Hello. I have been grinding my teeth for years and years and used differeng types of mouthguards but still wake up with a a headache and severe jaw... READ MORE

How do I find a skilled doctor in the Colorado Springs area that will treat TMJ/nighttime teeth grinding with botox?

I am trying to find a doctor in the Colorado Springs area that will treat TMJ/nighttime teeth grinding with botox. I've found a few dentists in the... READ MORE

Why didn't bruxism Botox work on me?

I had two sessions of Botox for bruxism in the last month. The first time my doctor injected 30 units but I saw no results even after a month. I came... READ MORE

What type of doctor will use Botox for TMJ/ jaw pain/ grinding?

I'm interested in botox for TMJ. I happily get botox in my crow's feet and consider that a vanity expense I am happy to spend my money on, but for a... READ MORE

Can Botox to masseter muscle affect my ears?

I had Botox to my MASSETER muscle because of teeth grinding at night and 2 days later I started to have ear pain. The ear pain started In one ear and... READ MORE

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