Glabellar Lines + Botox

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Botox and Filler While on Antibiotic Medications?

I am getting Botox and filler between my brow ("11" lines) in two days. I am on a strong antiobiotic (Metronidazole and also... READ MORE

Distribution of Botox Units in the Glabellar Area

For the glabellar lines, what is the recommended units of Botox (distribution of 20 units) needed to relax the corrugator and depressor supercilli... READ MORE

Why Didn't Botox Work on my 11's?

I've had botox three times within a six week period. Today my dr. injected a sronger dose, and told me if this amount doesn't work then... READ MORE

Botox: Forehead or Glabellar?

I've been getting 28 total units for forehead lines and crow's feet (no glabellar). I don't have a big problem with the glabellar area,... READ MORE

I Just Received my First Botox Injections Yesterday and It's Worse, Not Better. Normal?

I just received my first Botox injections yesterday. They are from a very reputable plastic surgeon, so he knows what he's doing - but it seems... READ MORE

High Eyebrow Arch on Sides After Botox

I had Botox in my glabella area. It all looks fine, but when I raise my eyebrows, they stay down near my nose and raise up high with a real arch at... READ MORE

What Is The Best Filler for Glabella Lines?

Hello! I got 25units of botox on November 7th. I can still make those 11 lines and the depression is still there. Should I look into a filler and... READ MORE

How Soon After Having Botox Would a Ptosis Show Up? Hours? Days?

I had botox to the glabellar and crows feet 2 days ago and my new practitioner also gave me a half unit towards the upper, outer corner of my eyebrows... READ MORE

Alternative for Someone Allergic to Botox?

I am terribly allergic to Botox and have deep furrows in my forehead. What can I do? I have tried Botox 5+ times each with a different doctor so I am... READ MORE

Do I Need a Botox Topup?

I'm 33 and got my first ever Botox injection for glabellar lines 13 days ago. The doctor I went to said he usually uses 25 units so I presume... READ MORE

Botox and Retin-A?

My frown lines (the 11s) were very bad a few months ago, but since recently starting Retin-A .1% (applying a good dab on these 11s nightly), I started... READ MORE

Forehead and Between Eyebrows Feel Tight and Heavy After Botox?

I had 20 units Botox places in my Glabellar area 2 days ago. Ever since the injection, my forehead developed a very heavy/tight/numb feeling. My... READ MORE

Botox is Limiting my Smile, Do I Have Options?

I had botox between my eyes (frown lines) and crows feet two days ago. First timer. Between the eyes looks great and has given me a slight brow lift.... READ MORE

Shouldn't 30 units of botox be sufficient for glabellar 11's? (Photo)

I had 20 units of botox for my glabellar 11's. After 7 days, I wasn't pleased with the result - my lines were still quite pronounced. The doctor... READ MORE

Expected Outcome of Botox to Glabellar Lines?

I still have a tiny bit of movement when I try to frown after first Botox treatment 2 weeks ago. What do most people aim for when treating this area?... READ MORE

When can I resume Radiofrequency treatment after Botox?

Im planning to have botox shots in my glabellar & crows feet area, & dermal fillers in my midface. When can i possibly resume my weekly radiofrequency... READ MORE

Possible Botox Problem - Chinese Brand?

Two women and I got Botox just over a week ago at a reputable place near where we live in Beijing, with Chinese Botox. As background, we have all had... READ MORE

How much of a vial of Botox is used per procedure?

I have a clarification question, and I'd like some input from some doctors out there: Botox comes in 100 unit vials. Let's say that one procedure... READ MORE

Can Botox Cause a Stinging Sensation Hours After Injection?

I had botox today for the glabellar lines, bunny lines and sides of both eyes for crows feet. Hours later I feel a stinging sensation on the left side... READ MORE

Average Length of Time Botox Lasts?

I've had Botox and Dysport once each since last January in the glabellar lines and forehead lines. It seems that after 8 weeks much of the movement is... READ MORE

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