Frown Lines + Botox

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How Many Botox Units for 11's or Frown Lines?

I received 20 units of Botox yesterday. Now I think I may have been cheated, he just wanted to get his $256 and the 20 units he injected were not... READ MORE

How Long Does Botox Take to Work?

I am 24. My frown lines are very deep especially for my age. I had botox twice. I am not able to frown, however, I have not seen a difference in my... READ MORE

Botox for Frown Lines - How Many Units Are Normal?

I just went to get rid of my frown lines (forehead) they gave me 46 units of Botox, which is equivalent to 2 syringes... does that sound right? ... READ MORE

How Long After Receiving Botox Should I Wait Before Trying to Conceive?

I had a botox injection in June and how long should I wait to try and conceive? I recently stopped taking birth control and my husband and I are... READ MORE

Botox Cosmetic- How Does It Work on Wrinkles?

Really want to get rid of lines on the forehead and heard that botox cosmetic is recommended by doctors. why? READ MORE

Cost of Botox for Frown Lines Alone?

Plese give me an average price for a botox procedure just involving frown lines betwween the eyebrows READ MORE

Is it Okay to Get Botox to Frown Lines Only and Not Forehead as Well?

I'm planning to get my frown lines treated. The dr who has been recommended to me by friends charges by each location and I only have money to pay... READ MORE

Will Uneven Botox Results Get Better?

I had Botox 3 weeks ago in between my eyebrows. I was told this would help give my eyes a little lift, since I don't have bad scowl lines in between... READ MORE

Why Can I Still Frown Almost a Week After Having Botox?

I had botox for the first time 4 days ago amd am surprised that i can still sqeeze my brows together creating the lines between mybrows which was ome... READ MORE

Subtle Swelling After Botox. How Long Will it Remain?

I am 11 days post-botox treatment only for frownlines. I see some improvement, but also very slight swelling/widening of my nose bridge right between... READ MORE

Are 15 Units of Botox Enough for Frown Lines?

I received 15 units of Botox 2 days ago for my frown lines ('11"). I still frown and don't feel much paralysis to the muscels and frown lines are... READ MORE

When Should I Go for Botox Touch-up?

I had Botox in my forehead and between my brows almost 10 days ago. I do see the lift on my eye area but not in the nasty line between my eyes (my... READ MORE

What to Expect for First Time Botox Injection?

Should I be concerned about first time Botox on frown lines? Lots of testimonies re: droopy eyelids. READ MORE

Will Botox Produce Effective Results on a 55-year-old Woman?

I am 55 years old. I have never had any cosmetic procedures. I would like to remove the frown lines between my eyes as well as wrinkles under the... READ MORE

If I Were to Be Seriously Ill with Botox Would It More Likely Be Early After Injection?

I was injected with 20 Units of Botox for my frown lines 11 days ago. I had alot of terrible side effects, from 2 hrs after injection, chest... READ MORE

Permanent Frown Lines Solution?

My sister said that permanent forehead lines need more than just Botox. i would need restaylane or juvaderm at the same time. that seems really... READ MORE

Dermal Filler Without Botox - for Frown Lines?

I have a single, static frown line between my brows at rest. I do not frown during the day, and wear tape over the lines at night to prevent me... READ MORE

Botox for Forehead Lines on a 21 Year Old?

I am 21 years old, I scrunch my forehead a lot without knowing it and have lines now. Should I get Botox on it to relive the lines a little bit. Would... READ MORE

Do I Run the Risk of Eyebrow Drooping if I Have Botox Injected in Glabella?

Im getting married next month and decided do botox in glabella. Ive read that is safer because there is minimal risk of eyebrow drop or any other... READ MORE

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