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I Frown Without Even Realizing It, How Can I Stop This Worried, Angry and Concerned Facial Expression of Mine? (photo)

I have recently been told at work and even when out with friends I have a worried, angry and/or concerned facial expression even though I am not... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Breast Milk Tested for Trace Amounts of Botox?

I got Botox 3 days ago for the first time. I was actually getting an IPL and the dermatologist suggested Botox for my frown wrinkle.. I told him I was... READ MORE

Why Didn't Botox Work for my 11's?

My last Botox Session (3rd session in six weeks) did actually help my forehead and brows, although I can still lift my brows slightly, but I can still... READ MORE

I Had Botox in my Upper and Lower Forhead Area (Only) but Now I Look Angry All the Time?

I have recently had a botox treatment. The problem is I can not raise my eyebrows very much at all now but I can still frown very hard and even in a... READ MORE

Normal to Be Able to Frown 10 Days After Botox?

I received botox injections two weeks ago and still have to frown between my eyes, they look like # 11. is it normal for me to be able to frown after... READ MORE

I Have a Naturally Frowny Face ... Solutions? (photo)

My natural resting face is often perceived as sad, tired, or angry, when, in fact, I am feeling none of these! It gets really annoying having people... READ MORE

I have pockets of fluid under my eyes after Botox. How long will this last?

A few days after the treatment I got eyebags (moisture) under my eyes (pockets of fluid under my eyes). It's been 6 weeks now and still almost no... READ MORE

I can still frown after Botox. Is that a good sign? (Photo)

Hi I had Botox for frown lines 4 days ago but carnt see much improvement and I can still frown it does feel abit tighter is that a good sign? READ MORE

Drooped eyebrow from Botox. Hate the results. Will a top-up help? (Photo)

I had botox almost 3 weeks ago in 2 areas. (frown & upper forehead). I am becoming severly distressed with the results - the botox has caused my... READ MORE

I had Botox on chin. Now I have a weird bump when I frown. Any suggestions? (photos)

I got botox administered about a week ago for a dimpled chin, while the dimpling is improved but not gone, I noticed that when I frown I have this... READ MORE

Muscle between eyebrows getting bunched up/angry look?

I developed a tic from medication over the last few months that involves me contracting/making frown gesture with my eyebrows. I noticed the muscle... READ MORE

Can Botox or Surgery fix a horizontal line between top of nose and forehead? (photos)

Hi all, hope you can help. Ever since I became a teenager I developed what appears to be a permanent frown where I forehead meets my nose. It's as if... READ MORE

Can Botox or Dysport help with "depressed" face?

I suffered from depression for years and now I have BDD, because my face looks angry as a result of frustration all the time and I'm being told about... READ MORE

Could you please let me know what my Botox injector did wrong? (Photo)

I've had botox before but I've never experience this. This is the first time I'm using this injector. I have 10 units between my corrugator and... READ MORE

Will Botox or fillers work better for the vertical indentation on my forehead? (Photo)

I'm 24 and have had it for 7 years... I think it developed from frowning READ MORE

I have 3 deep wrinkles when I tense up my eyebrows/make a frown. Botox or Not?

These wrinkles do disappear when I am not frowning. Would it be okay if I got Botox there? Will the wrinkles be gone when I make that frown face and... READ MORE

I am wanting to have Botox in my frown mark between my eyes. Are there any risks if I have it with having multiple sclerosis?

Is there any risks involved in having Botox in this area of my face & possibly a filler in either side of my lips where my lips have dropped in time/age READ MORE

I still frown, should i get more botox? If so where? (photos)

After 2 sessions of botox with 2 weeks apart from on to other , everything is perfect but i still afraid eyebrows will get too low if i get... READ MORE

Eyebrow drop after Botox 1 week ago. (Photos)

I had 55 units of Botox injected 6 days ago. 20u for frown, 10u forehead, 12.5 u crowsfeet each side. Today I noticed a cignificant drop of my right... READ MORE

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