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Follow-ups for New Botox and Juvederm Patients

Is it common to want to see a new patient within a few weeks following their first treatments of Botox and Juvederm, or is it more common to just... READ MORE

Forehead Wrinkles?

Hi I have a lady who insisted on having treatment solely into her frontalis muscle as she wants her forehead lines treated and has been having this... READ MORE

Smile is not the same after masseter muscle botox? (Photos)

Last Tuesday I had some follow up Botox in my jaw after having some the week before that Everything was fine before the follow up. I didn't scrimp on... READ MORE

Followup: what is the risk of jowliness or paralyzation using Botox for the masseter?

How likely is it using Botox to feminize a jawline creates "jowliness" in patients with excess skin, or in exposure of the buccal pad? What is the... READ MORE

Do most doctors take photos before Botox treatment?

I recently switched physicians because I moved. My previous doc would taken pictures of me before Botox and at my follow up appointment. The new one... READ MORE

I am confused about my botox for masseter.

Hello, First of all, I know my doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon, but I am questioning. Last June, I got my 1st Botox 30 U each side for... READ MORE

Forehead wrinkles appeared 3 weeks after glabellar lines treated with botox - should I get forehead treated next time?

I had my '11s' treated with botox 3 weeks ago. Whilst I am generally pleased with the very natural results (it was 'light' botox) I'm noticing a... READ MORE

How to get a round face with filler and avoid the skeleton look or a heavy bottom half? (photos)

I had Juvederm in my cheek area one week ago to get rid of my marionette lines.I'm not satisfied as they only improved slightly.I have a follow up in... READ MORE

Follow-up question to scar caused by Botox. Any suggestions? (photos)

Left a ? A few days ago. To be more clear. I can't go back to surgeon as I have moved out of state. It is clear they compromised a vessel, it was v.... READ MORE

Follow-up: What is happening to my lips? Wierd reaction from botox? (Photos)

If you see my previous post, I asked about why corners of my lips turned down and bunched up after botox. Now a few weeks later, im experiencing... READ MORE

Follow-up: Help with anxiety, when would I be in the clear if something life altering was to happen?

This is the problem I believe my anxiety got worse cause I came on this forum reading other people's experiences I was fine till I found this I've... READ MORE

Follow-up: Thank you for answering my question regarding sore eyes and botox, do you think this is permanent damage?

Seen Ophthalmologist didn't say about botox. do u think it's important I tell them that?. Do you think there is any possibility of my meimobian glands... READ MORE

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