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Hoping to Correct Flat Eyebrows/harsh Look from Botox: What is the Likelihood of a Successful Outcome?

First time ever Botox injection 5 days ago for horizontal forehead lines. 40 yo. I did raise my forehead for some lift. Naturally-arched brows have... READ MORE

Can I Make my Eyebrows Flat, Instead of Arched Through Botox Injections?

I am a Caucasian pale skinned white male (age 49). I have bushy arched eyebrows (like Ashton Kutcher). The masculine look is horizontal brows. Can... READ MORE

How Long Will Touch Up Dose of Botox for Masseter Jaw Be Wore Off? I Dislike my Touch Right Result and I'm Very Depressed.

I've first received 20 units on each side of jaws in April 2013 and I liked the result so I went back to the doctor almost 3 weeks ago in Sept 2013.... READ MORE

Disappointing Botox Brow Lift Result - Can This Be Fixed, or Am I in for 3-4 Unpleasant Months? (photo)

I tried the Botox lift for the 1st time 8 days ago. The lateral part of my brow is now lower, and I can't raise my brows as high as I used to. When I... READ MORE

Nose drooping. Would Botox help?

Hi my nose is slightly flatter towards the lower 1/3 (tip end). would botox in the bit of skin below the nose/above the lip be the best solution or a... READ MORE

After 4 units of Botox in my chin I cannot speak and smile is dragging down, what can help? (Photos)

Help! What can I do after 4 units of Botox in my chin left me unable to speak or smile? My smile is flat, my bottom lip covers my teeth, and right... READ MORE

Did my doctor inject too much Botox?

I had botox for my gummy smile 10 days ago and I look horrible and nothing like myself. My lip is too low and flat and my outer cheeks are pushing up... READ MORE

Botox for lips?

Recently saw doctor about botox for horizonal lines on lips since I have a friend who said her doctor puts a "drop" at points on lip and it smooths... READ MORE

Botox on nasolabials, 1 year later that area became flat and deep and it went until my cheeks and almost atrophied (Photo)

Few months later the same thing happened with the other side which was injected with less botox but is hurting me ( i feel like a burning sensation... READ MORE

Miscommunication about my Botox and Juvederm. Why is my face flat on one side? (Photo)

I wanted to be more clear, I only had botox on my forehead area and juvederm around my mouth and lips( juvederm, 2 months ago, a week after botox on... READ MORE

Can Botox damage be reversed?

Hi, I Had botox injected under my eyes a year ago, and have noticed the top of my cheeks are flat, like there is a 'dead' spot . My face doesn't feel... READ MORE

Botox between the brows causing a flat/wide look?

Mt question is regarding the flat/wide look that I have seen in some women who get injections of Botox in the 11 area between the brows. I have... READ MORE

What can I have done to fix asymmetrical eyebrows and cheeks? Eyebrows being most important to me. (photos)

The left side of my face has much flatter bone structure than the right side. It's has really affected the appearance of my left brow compared to the... READ MORE

What can I do to minimise my square jaw? Would Botox in the masseter benefit my face? (Photo)

I've noticed lately my jaw is looking very long and flat and uneven from the front of my face and I'm wondering how I could minimise/fix this as I... READ MORE

Roundish face and flat nose. Any suggestions?

I have a roundish face and a wider than average jawline, I would say. I'm only 21 this year and have no wrinkles or any signs of aging on my face. But... READ MORE

How to make square, flat face appear rounder and fix uneven smile? (Photos)

What would be the best route to take to make my square, flat face appear rounder and fuller? I've read about botox to the jawline (botox masseters) to... READ MORE

Is it too early for botox on my forehead? And can non-surgical nose job benefit me? (photos)

Hi, I noticed wrinkle lines appearing on my forehead. When rested, they are thin lines. When I put make up on, specifically foundation, I notice they... READ MORE

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