Fine Lines + Botox

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Is Botox Only Good for Certain Face Wrinkles and Lines?

Or does botox injection help with all facial lines and furrows? READ MORE

Benefits of Long Term Use of Botox?

Hello, I read about the long term benefit of Botox if done continuously to get better and youthful appearance but what about the "mask face"... READ MORE

Botox to Fix Lines Around Eyes? (photo)

I am only 24 and have noticed a lot of very fine lines forming below my eyes. Would Botox work as a preventative measure? I don't want it to get any... READ MORE

Botox injections for fine lines under the eye going down the cheek bone. Why did it not work? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 33 and have fine lines from underneath my eye down my cheek bone when I smile. I got botox injections done May 1, 2014. It's been 3 weeks and... READ MORE

If I schedule a consultation am I able to get injections the same day?

I would like to get fuller for my face and Botox. I have some acne scars as well as fine lines. I have also lost volume in cheek area. During the... READ MORE

Does Botox Help with the Under Eye Lines?

I have botox for my forehead, loving it. What kind of product(s) can reduce the under eye lines? Does Botox help? READ MORE

Male, 22: Should I consider botox injections? (Photo)

I am currently 22, take really good care of skin alternating gylcolic, retinol regimes atop sunscreen but I still have fine lines with expression... READ MORE

I'm 22 year old and looking at Botox/dysport. Is this too young?

What age is it typically recommended to get Botox injections? I'm 22 and I'm starting to notice fine lines.. By no way are they very noticeable but I... READ MORE

Would Botox in the forehead still allow me to have some forehead expression lines when I raise my eyebrows?

Is it possible to get Botox in the forehead and still have expression lines when I raise my eyebrows. I heard Botox works for migraines, and I also... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Botox and Fillers to look 5-10 years younger? (photos)

I am 32 however I have fine lines on my forehead and around my lips (non smoker) I also just feel like I look older I want a fresh new youthful look,... READ MORE

Is Botox a suitable option for an 18 year old with fine lines?

I have had fine lines around my eyes (right beneath the eye, and around the outer tear duct) since I was 15. Around the bottom of my left eye, the... READ MORE

Does botox under the eye for fine lines cause bruising or swelling?

Does botox under the eye cause bruising or swelling? Can there be any complications from this method for under the eye fine lines? READ MORE

Can botox cause permanent deformities, paralysis or even death? Is it really safe?

I am considering botox as a preventative measure. i am only 31 and just started to show some fine lines on my forehead. I also sometimes get a... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for fine lines and thin wrinkles? (Photo)

What's the best treatment for fine lines and thin wrinkles? Mostly under eyes and cheeks seen when skin is pulled (smiling). From sun damage and aging... READ MORE

Can botox be helpful in reducing the line/wrinkles below the mouth/chin area?

Most doctors have told me the only way to get rid of the fine lines in the chin area is resurfacing. However, the down time is so long. Is the an... READ MORE

Botox to prevent future wrinkles? (photos)

Does it? does it promote production of elastin/collagen or does it ONLY treat wrinkles that are already there? mid 20s asian, i have one fine line... READ MORE

Botox around eye area

I am 25 years old and I have always have had sensitivity around my eye area. I have some fine lines that I dont want them to develop any further. Do... READ MORE

Am I too young for Botox? I am 26 years old. (photos)

I am developing fine lines in my forehead. I would like to get on top of it as soon as possible, but will Botox help stop the wrinkles from forming?... READ MORE

How to prevent forehead wrinkles at 25?

So I have previously posted a question about Botox. I am going in next week to receive my first Botox injection in my glabellar. I have a very fine... READ MORE

What age to start Botox or derma fills ?

I am 28 and have a very very fine line on the outer part of my forehead. I have read mixed reviews regarding botox etc. Is it best to start early and... READ MORE

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