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Which One is Better Botox or Fillers?

Hi,I have smile lines on my face, my skin is so sensitive and my age is 40. I want to ask that which is better fillers or Botox? Which one have the... READ MORE

Under Eye Wrinkles Caused By Smiling - Will Botox/Fillers Help?

Hi When i smile i get these horrible lines caused by my cheeks pushing up and causing a fold - they dissapear when i smile. How can i treat these?... READ MORE

At what age can you get lip botox? Is it possible to get lip fillers at the age of 16?

I am 16 and want to get lip botox because I am unhappy with how my lips look, my top lips is really small and would like to even my top lip to my... READ MORE

Why Didn't Botox Work for my 11's?

My last Botox Session (3rd session in six weeks) did actually help my forehead and brows, although I can still lift my brows slightly, but I can still... READ MORE

Is a micropen treatment ok to get right after Botox?

I got my first Botox injections yesterday & the doctor told it was OK to receive the needle point micropen treatment all over my face just a couple of... READ MORE

Botox Didn't Work for Eye Wrinkles - Should I Get Fillers?

Hi team thanks to your responses from my past question - i got botox twice now with a leading surgeon under my lash line and also in my temples to try... READ MORE

After Botox Still Have Wrinkles....will Fillers Help Smooth out the Area?

I am 33 years old and recently had botox for my eye area. Works great for crows feet but I still have plenty of wrinkles under my eyes and right on my... READ MORE

Fillers or Botox? (photo)

I have the worst wrinkles under my eyes and very pronounced when I smile...which makes me not want to smile ever! I have had fraxel done once 4 months... READ MORE

I Had Undereye Botox 5 Months Ago and Still Have Have Horrendous Fat Pouches Under my Eyes.

I have returned to the cosmetic surgeon twice and he said that it would go in time. I look like I have two black eyes, minus the bruising! I went to... READ MORE

Static Glabellar Wrinkle - Filler or Botox? (photos)

Hello. I'm thinking of getting botox for my 'angry 11' wrinkles. The lines are always thre even if i'm not making any facial expressions. Do you think... READ MORE

Can fillers be used to fill a deep scar on my cheek? (photo)

In 2006, i went to dermatologist to get rid a sebaceous cyst, but he gave me a huge scar which looks very prominent when I smile or laugh. Another... READ MORE

I am 36 and have fairly deep lines across my forehead: Should I have Botox or Filler? (Photo)

I have an expressive face when talking. I would like to reduce their appearance and have been told by a professional that I may not be happy with the... READ MORE

Filler or Stick to Botox? I'm 36. (photo)

Should I do any filler in my nasoflabial folds and frown line, or stick to just botox in frown lines READ MORE

Dents at Outer Corner of my Eyes (From Botox?)

I have been getting Botox injected for crows feet for only about a year. I now have noticed a shadow or "dent" where the Botox was injected. My... READ MORE

Thread lift V liquid face lift, fillers and Botox? (photos)

I'm a 33 year old female and I feel I have really lost a dramatic amount of tone in my face in the last 2 to 3 years. I am interested in surgeons... READ MORE

Botox and Fillers Waste of Money?

Had botox for my forehead and fillers on my temples and lips ,it's been 4 weeks now the lips fillers wore off, botox on the forehead did nothing ,... READ MORE

Botox and fillers for a round face? (Photo)

I have a round face and I was wondering what type of botox/fillers there are to make my face look longer instead of so round. Also, I have really... READ MORE

I have lazy, weird eye after Botox. Any suggestions? (photos)

I just had fillers in my cheek area and botox in my forehead , crowd feet and my eye area about a week ago. My left eye lid is droopy and my whole... READ MORE

Can Botox Extend the Life of Fillers?

I saw somewhere that Botox will make fillers last longer. Is there any truth to this? If so, how does it work? READ MORE

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