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How Can I Make my Face Look Softer? (photo)

Hi, I have a harsh, angular lower face. Is there any non surgical proceedures I can use to soften its appearance? Also, my chin seems to carry fat... READ MORE

Any suggestions to make my chin appear smaller and more feminine? (photos)

I think my appearance could be improved by possibly some jaw surgery or botox to make my jaw appear smaller and more feminine. I also feel like my... READ MORE

Face contouring for feminine look. (Photo)

Jaw line,dark circles and overall oval face look required in 45 years old lady . Suggest some non invasive procedure. Kindly specify area on which... READ MORE

Will masseter muscle Botox help make my jawline more feminine?

As opposed to buccal fat pad removal ? alot of doctors are against the removal of facial fat because they feel it ages then face .. feeling confused. READ MORE

Using fillers or botox, what would be the best, most affordable option to give face more balanced and feminine look? (Photos)

First photo is me smiling, I have be fat cheeks. I want to look better in pictures with better reflection of light.. also want to look more... READ MORE

I am wondering what procedure would be best to help me look more feminine? (Photo)

I am a female with very unique prominent features. When I was young I was teased for looking masculine and even though I do still have masculine... READ MORE

Would botox soften my jaw line? (Photo)

Hi! I have an odd jawline, it is more square shaped and larger/uneven on one side as you can see from the photos. I am wondering if Botox will soften... READ MORE

Botox to correct my chin pebbles and injected into my Masseter Muscle? Costs and How often? (photo)

I live in Manhattan and I am looking to have Botox in the next month or so to correct my chin pebbles and injected into my Masseter muscle to achieve... READ MORE

How can a surgeon tell if botox for masseter will help?

How can a surgeon tell if botox for masseter will make a jaw slimmer, more feminine, and more attractive? I would like to avoid permanent jaw... READ MORE

Could Botox make my chin smaller and/or more feminine? (Photo)

I do not like the large size of my chin. It's too long and large. Could getting botox injections make it smaller and/or more feminine? If not, what... READ MORE

What can I do to reduce an unwanted botox side effect, which was an increased size of brow? (Photo)

I love the results of botox in my upper forehead with reducing lines, but I am constanting straining the muscles right above my brow bone to... READ MORE

Botox injections to decrease shoulder muscle/create a more feminine neckline? (photos)

Hi, I read online about a procedure available in Korea that involves injecting Botox into the trapezius muscles to shrink them, which creates a more... READ MORE

Botox (allergan brand) for the reduction of arm muscles to make my arms look more feminine. Will this help? (photo)

I have had muscular arms all my adult life and teenage years and I do not work out, therefore doing nothing will not help. They are quite muscular at... READ MORE

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