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Botox for Excessive Foot Sweating?

Luckily I have never had this problem, but for both our sake I am asking for my partner who does, he has a severe sweating problem that seems to be... READ MORE

How Much Does Botox to the Feet to Stop Sweating Cost?

How much does botox to the feet to stop sweating cost? And where should I go to get it done? A podiatrist or plastic surgeon? How long will it last? READ MORE

Are Botox Feet Injections Safe?

Ive been reading about Botox/collagen injections for the balls and heels of the feet so women can wear stilettos longer without paying for it with... READ MORE

Numb Foot After Botox Injection - Normal?

I have CP and have periodical botulinum toxin inj in my legs performed by the consultant who manages my CP Care at the local hospital to help with my... READ MORE

How long until the Botox when applied in the feet starts working?

I've been suffering from Hyperhidrosis for years (sweaty feet). Yesterday I just had my first Botox injection. The dermatologist didn't numb the area... READ MORE

I am considering botox for my feet. I have consulted a dermatologist but wanted to know of others success with this procedure?

I have had sweaty feet since I was in my teens. I am now in my mid 30's and and still battling with it. I take Robinul which helps my underarms and... READ MORE

2 weeks after Botox top up, both feet are still completely numb and painful, could this be permanent nerve damage?

Hi. I had Botox in my forehead a month ago which went fine. I then had a small top up to remove the lines just above each eye. The day after the top... READ MORE

I am dx with dystonia in my r foot. My neurologist has given me 2 Botox injections, 20 units & 40 units, with no effect?

I fx'ed my left patella in a fall where I hit my left side and head. After I had the brace removed, I noticed that my toes on my R foot were curling... READ MORE

Botox to treat hyperhidrosis in palms and feet?

I have always had sweaty hands, feet and underarms. Its gotten to the point where it greatly impacts my social interaction. I am thinking for my... READ MORE

Scalp and neck hyperhidrosis. How many units of botox is needed for those areas to stop the sweating?

Healthy 27 years old female but suffering from hyperhidrosis in my scalp and neck even at cool or cold places. Its not related to stress or emotions... READ MORE

I just received Botox injections to my feet, my dermatologist only did maybe 15 shots to each foot?

How many shots are required for good results , I have suffered for 15 yrs and finally my insurance approved Botox, I feel my dermatologist didn't... READ MORE

Botox taken for hyperhidrosis not working properly.

I'm suffering from excessive sweating in my palms, feet and armpits. So I have taken botox 100 units for both my palms (each 50 units). After 15 days... READ MORE

I had a botox injection for pain relief leading to complication in my nerve in my down on foot i cant walk properly. What to do?

As i said above i have a perisisting problem with my leg which started as soon as i got my pain relief injection two days before hospital release i... READ MORE

Botox for hands, feet and armpits

I was wanting to know how much it would cost to botox hands,feet and armpits from sweating? I uncontrollably sweat too much from my hands, feet and... READ MORE

My Botox treatment on my feet caused a strong abnormal chemical odour, is this side effect heard of before or reversible?

I had botox treatment on both feet for hyperhydrosis (upper and lower soles). My feet now develop a very strong abnormal chemical odour. Myself and... READ MORE

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