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Mentor Getting a FDA Approval on Botulinum Toxin Type "B"

Has anyone heard the latest on it's approval status and deliver date? I know Allergan has the monopoly on Type "A" READ MORE

Is it okay to open up a vial of botox with a bottle opener to get the last drops out?

I went to get botox at a different location and the injector grabbed what looked like a beer bottle opener and broke the vacuum seal and popped off... READ MORE

Only 20 units of Botox are FDA-approved but off-label use is commonly triple or more. Are we the human guinea pigs?

I am considering using Botox on frown lines but my research shows only 20 units are FDA-approved based on clinical studies and there is no published... READ MORE

Is it against the FDA to inject Botox anywhere that isn't above the eyes?

I want my "bunny lines" & "pebble chin" injected. Plus i have this thing where when i smile my nose pulls down making it look bigger. The person i... READ MORE

Using products "off label" — what does that mean and what can happen? (photo)

When products are used "off label," or for purposes not approved by the FDA, what happens if something goes wrong? Are there repercussions for using... READ MORE

Re: The FDA recently issued a warning that batches of counterfeit Botox are being used in the US. Any suggestions?

I got the injections at a spa in CA administered by a nurse in Feb 2015, is there a possbilty that it could be the batch of counterfeit botox? I have... READ MORE

Botox and immediately became lightheaded. Is that normal?

I had 2 small drops of Botox injected just below my nose to lift the tip today. Within a minute or two of that injection I felt "fuzzy or lightheaded"... READ MORE

Alternative to Botox for eye wrinkles?

Botox works well for me on my forehead but has never worked round my eyes. I have very few lines at rest but pronounced wrinkles when I smile. I can't... READ MORE

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