Failure + Botox

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Botox Resistance - Why Doesn't Botox Work for Me?

I had Botox injections between the brow. The frown line was still present a few weeks later so I returned for another injection. I am starting to... READ MORE

What is the reason for this Botox result? Failure? (photos)

The place I got botox is suppose to be an experienced practitioner. . Last time I got horizontal lines treated with botox, I got a small brow lift ...... READ MORE

Botox failure, again! (photo)

I'm experiencing Botox failure in my 11's. After having 40+ units put into my 11's (I'm only 34 and have a very slight line), my Botox disappears... READ MORE

Failed Botox brow lift (Photo)

I have had hooded eyes my entire life. I'm 35 years old. My doctor is a well known board certified plastic surgeon. I received the Botox injections 6... READ MORE

What causes Botox failure? Can your muscles "overpower" the Botox once it's set and push it out?

IThe last two times I had Botox in my 11s (different injectors, both PS's) it failed after about a month. After the 20 units froze that area, I had a... READ MORE

Me and my two friends had Botox 4 weeks ago and it didn't work.

It hasn't lasted. It has totally broken down. When I have told the lady in not happy she offered to do it again for a third time. I refused and said I... READ MORE

Botox in masseter muscle fail. Recommendations?

I had over developed masseter muscles due to bruxism. I had botox which created moderate assymetry. Had more botox. I asked the dr to only the one... READ MORE

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