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Is It Possible to Receive Botox Injections in Your Higher Chest Area?

I am 40 yrs old and although I am fairly wrinkle free on my face and neck. I have started to notice deep wrinkles on my chest area. These do fade... READ MORE

Did my doctor inject too much Botox?

I had botox for my gummy smile 10 days ago and I look horrible and nothing like myself. My lip is too low and flat and my outer cheeks are pushing up... READ MORE

When will bad botox that makes my forehead look frozen/like an alien start to fade so I can start looking back to normal :( ?

Hi I got botox in my forehead and it has given me an alien/frozen/blank look :-( :-( (not what I wanted AT ALL, I even told them I would rather have... READ MORE

When will Botox effect disappear from my face ? (Photo)

I have problem with new smile and laugh because i put botox 5 unit each side for nose and 5 unit above nose when effect disappear? READ MORE

Too much botox to 11's and crows feet created line under tear trough - will it wear off?

I've received botox for 2 years, but for last few treatments think I've received too much specifically to one eye where odd lines have appeared. After... READ MORE

How fast does Botox fade?

I hate my results from botox. My doctor injected 3 units of botox to each side of my lip to correct an uneven smile. I hate the results, the side I... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to help fade botox faster? (Photo)

I was born with an uneven lip and got botox for the first time. My doctor advised putting 3 units of botox on each side of my lip. I was confused to... READ MORE

Could bad Botox effect take more than 6 months to wear off?

6 months ago I had botox done above my eyebrows in order to remove the line in between which unfortunately made my eyelids look droopy. The problem is... READ MORE

Upper lip flip? I had a syringe of Juvederm injected into my top lip, one half in November, second in December. (photo)

While I love the results, even thought they are fading, I still would like to try Botox in the upper lip to flip it up. I have a friend who's sister... READ MORE

Will micro botox fade away quickly? (Photo)

I had microbotox treatment on my checks 2 weeks ago to reduce oil and acne. But now i can't smile properly like before! One side goes higher than the... READ MORE

Complete numbness in injection site after Botox. Will this fade?

Hi, I had Botox in my jaw muscles 2 weeks ago. I still have complete numbness in both sides where the injection site is. One side in particular I... READ MORE

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