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What Areas of the Face Can Botox Be Injected?

Where would Botox be best suited/safe/effective for a person who has wrinkles all over their face? READ MORE

Can Smile Lines Be Treated with Botox?

If someone has really pronounced smile lines on the face, how can they be treated? READ MORE

How Can I Remove my Pregnancy Mask?

I have brown patches on my face like the pregnancy mask I had so many years ago. How can I make it go away? Also I have bags under my eyes and... READ MORE

Can Botox Create a Thinner-looking Face?

I've heard that Botox can also be injected on the chewing muscles in the mouth to help to create a thinner-looking face. Is this true? READ MORE

Can Botox Injections Be Reversed?

If you have had too much Botox in an area is there an antidote to help release the effects quicker? READ MORE

Will Botox Between the Brows Cause Bunny Lines?

I've read in celebrity gossip mags that really visible bunny lines can be a result of Botox between the eyebrows. Best example is Nicole Kidman... READ MORE

Facial Exercises After Botox

Hello! How soon after Botox can I resume my facial exercises? (eye area, forehead etc..). Many thanks READ MORE

Why Doesn't Botox Work on my Crows Lines?

I have had five atempts at botox for the crows lines around my eyes, my brow and a very distinct lateral line above my nose (forehead area) but it... READ MORE

Will Getting Regular Botox Injections Lead to Long Term Results?

I am 35 and have a few fine lines around the eyes and more noticeable wrinkles in my forehead. Is there any benefit to getting Botox in my... READ MORE

What are The Benefits to Using Botox at a Younger Age?

Are there studies that show Botox will prevent deep wrinkles if patients start using it sooner? READ MORE

Can Botox Treat Facial Sweating?

I understand Botox can be effective in treating hyperhidrosis for underarms and palms. But can it be injected to treat facial sweating? My entire face... READ MORE

How Much Does Botox Cost for the Face and Neck?

How Much Does Botox Cost for the Face and Neck? READ MORE

Will Botox Help Nerve Damage from Bell's Palsy After 9 Years?

I have some nerve damage from Bell's Palsy. My left eye is squinty, nerve twitching by my nose, and my cheek is tight.It sounds like Botox may help.I... READ MORE

Facial Asymmetry and Paralysis After Botox

Is it normal for one side of my face to be larger or fatter than the other after Botox and with smile paralysis four months after the injections? ... READ MORE

2 Weeks After Botox, Now Entire Eye and Face is Droopy

I am 2 weeks out from botox and now one side of my face is lower than the other. The smile lines created by my botox induced dropped face are now... READ MORE

What Facial Treatments That Can Damage/easily Wear off Botox Effects?

I own a portable bipolar radio frequency machine. I use it a lot on my face. will frequent treatments damage or easily wear off botox effects? what... READ MORE

Botox for Poor Skin Texture from Pores, Oil, and Scars?

I've heard that you can get intradermal Botox specifically to refine the look of oily, open pored, and bad textured skin. Is this true? Or is this a... READ MORE

How Much Botox is Safe to Use in One Appointment?

I have finally saved up enough money for treatment of my hyperhidosis. I will be getting treatment for my underarms. I am also considering getting my... READ MORE

Risk of Botox Migration in Face

I recently had upper eyelid surgery that included the use of Botox in my forehead. At the same time I had Radiesse injected in nasal folds. Five days... READ MORE

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