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Are Fillers Or Botox Best for Fine Lines Under the Eyes?

I have little fine lines under my eyes as well as hereditary dark circles. I was tod fillers were the best option for me, I'm worried that the filer... READ MORE

Can Botox Injections Cause Blurry Vision?

Can vision be affected from Botox going too deep or too much injected? It's been almost a week, had 20 units in each area, and since then it has been... READ MORE

Will Botox Between the Brows Cause Bunny Lines?

I've read in celebrity gossip mags that really visible bunny lines can be a result of Botox between the eyebrows. Best example is Nicole Kidman... READ MORE

Should There Be Wrinkles After Botox?

I had Botox injected into my crow's feet 5 days ago. It's certainly done the job on the deep lines I had around the corners of my eyes.... READ MORE

Dry, Gritty Eyes After Botox

I had Botox nearly a week ago.I had my forehead and corner of eyes done and I have noticed that my eyes feel dry and gritty. Is this common? and how... READ MORE

Botox Gave Me a Lazy Eye

I recently moved to New York, and have had Botox previously with great results. But on my first visit to a new doctor, I got “lazy eye... READ MORE

I Have Bad Under Eye Wrinkles and I'm Only 19?

(about to turn 20 soon) When I laugh it looks horrible. I don't want botox at my age. Is there anything that won't be too harsh to put under my eyes?... READ MORE

I've Been Using Botox for Four Years Now and As I Look at my Eyes, They Seem to Look Smaller and Smaller. Why is This?

Also, I've noticed my already hooded eyelids look even heavier...I really believe this has something to do with the injections. But why? READ MORE

Is This a Normal Look After Botox?

I had botox the 1st of september on my forehead and around my eyes. When im seroius it looks nice because my eyes used to have a sad look before and... READ MORE

How Many Units of Botox is Needed for Entire Eye Area?

I have been considering botox for my eye area. I have crows feet and other tiny lines around that area. I wondered how many units would be needed? READ MORE

Will Botox Help Nerve Damage from Bell's Palsy After 9 Years?

I have some nerve damage from Bell's Palsy. My left eye is squinty, nerve twitching by my nose, and my cheek is tight.It sounds like Botox may help.I... READ MORE

Is Botox Ever Permanent?

I have a tendency to squint or have my eyes closed while pictures are being taken and a pretty gummy smile. In October, I had Botox injections around... READ MORE

Is my Eye Twitching Caused by Botox?

Hi I had my touch up botox yesterday just to the eyes and today I have an annoying twitch to my right eye. I have read the forum here that botox... READ MORE

Can Botox Help Eye Twitches and Would Insurance Cover It?

My right eye twitches and closes hard sometimes during the day. When I sleep the muscles are always tense. I rub it during the day to make it stop.... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Botox Around Eyes?

I got 25 units of botox around my eyes i hate it, can i massage it or use galvanic to help metabolize it quicker?Please i look horrible and my face... READ MORE

2 Weeks After Botox, Now Entire Eye and Face is Droopy

I am 2 weeks out from botox and now one side of my face is lower than the other. The smile lines created by my botox induced dropped face are now... READ MORE

Botox - Are the Lines Supposed to Completely Disappear? AND my First Shot Lasted One Month

Thanks in for your time and courtesy on answering my questions. I had my first treatment of Botox for a line that goes across the bridge of my nose... READ MORE

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